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Need a new Watch


I am looking to buy a new watch, does anyone have any recommendations?

I am after one I can use whilst training and for general use also.

I have looked at this watch Link (advertised on ARRSE) and it seems reasonable, I have also looked at some Traser watches.

box-of-frogs said:
One of the G-shock's. Best watch I've ever had. Even resets the time every night so it's always spot on. The actual style you get depends on you.
Better hope the BC's got the same watch then.
Why spend £160 odd quid for a watch for when you are in training, just get a cheap waterproof casio type watch.
cos when some little scrote nicks your nice gucci shiney watch.

Another vote for G Shock. I got a gulfman before deploying to Basra... it got dragged through mud on pre deployment training, then it got dragged across concrete and grit in Basra while I crawled around on the deck. It's got some scratches on the rubber case, but that's it. Great watches for 50 notes or so, they'll last forever. Mine even lights up at night when you need it to.
G-Shock for robustness & value depending on the features you want.
I use a Suuntu D10 for Scuba & have to say I am not impressed.
Their X10 Military watch looks great on the spec sheet,
not so great imo in one's hand and certainly has some real build quality problems:
fascia scratching & detaching, battery life etc - there's quite a lot on-line about it.
Non Mac compatability [a long standing Suunto issue].
The rubber strap looks horribly like my D10 which cracks & breaks in humid hot climes.
Otherwise find a black analogue watch with decent glass, body & strap.
The G Shocks are nails, I have been through 5 casio's and only ever had one G shock which was hideous in an aqua marine colour, a basic black casio with stop watch and timer will do you fine.
I'm on my 2nd G-shock in 15 years, the first one went tits up after about 10 years, and when I sent it in for repair, Casio stated that they didn't hold the parts any more for my model, but they would offer me a 40 odd% discount if i bought another Casio!
Excellent service and a great robust watch to boot!
I agree with xpat. I have a Suunto X10M, its pretty expensive but has all the mod cons (GPS, compass in mils, program waypoints etc). It is quite large though, for more subtle times, I wear a G10 (Its all about the corps colours wrist strap!)
CasinoBoyale said:
This one is rather nice

and it's a snip at just £750,000! :D

it'll probably lose about 15 minutes a month though :oops:
Why is there a lizard thing on it? If I was going to pay 750,000 on a watch I would not want it to have been walked or shat on by a lizard or some other weird animal.

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