Need a new subject to be really pedantic about - NAI and TAI

Since the sad demise of red ink and underlining, or not, and the arrival of that devil's invention the DW CD thing are you now short of a top topic to lash your promotion partners with - may I sugest to you that you make the nomenclature for designating NAI and TAI your new plaything.

It has enormous advantages - people take them seriously (they have op relavance unlike the gap between the signature block and whatever else was meant to follow it). They are wrong nearly everywhere you go and so are fish in barrels for you to slaughter at your leasure once you have mastered them. They appear at all the most testing moments of your life - I've seen a few at Watchfield. They infer on you an utterly undeserved appearance of detailed understanding of mission planning way above your crushed mates - especially the one holding the pen over the DSM at the moment to speak these words:
"oh, I thought Bde TAI's were numbered after the Bde, say TAI 12/5 and the BG afer the BG, say PWRR/7, do you see, simple really - but I may be wrong, Colonel what do you think"
Can you ask for more.

I of course may be very wrong and this may well just prove it.
After the slagging I got for complaining that the ARRSE protocols don't allow the insertion of double spaces after full stops, I'm always up for a new doctinal stick with which to beat the illinformed.

It would help if there was a clear explanation of exactly what these terms mean and who apart from the wretched gunners and green slime really care about them. They do seem the easiest of the 3 elements, it is the DP that really confuses at least you can swag the NAI and TAI based on some resonably intellectual thought and knowing where the road junctions are but how do you determine where to put the DP which we then rely on so heavily. Wouldn't it be nice if we could find a new term so that those boffins who have worked at the higher level do not get confused with Decisive Points or Dorethy Perkins. There must be an MBE earning potential out there for some doctrine nazi to come up with a new unintelligable term that bears no resemblance to what is actually 'in the tin'.

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