Need a new name for The Plod

Peelers on Wheelers?
Perhaps its so fat bast*rd plods like these two can get out on the beat without loosing breath :lol:
'The Trundle'?


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Undoubtably to be issued to PCSO's in order to save them from the hardship of walking around (their job) though i think that they'll block the roads up if they patrol in their normal manner. (in three's)
I wonder what the charges would be if any of us poor plebs were caught driving an unlicensed motor vehicle on the pavement?
I think they'd look better with twin linked Tazers on the front and batons sticking out of the wheels, bodecia style, for taking out chavs.

It's cheaper, keeps you fitter and doesn't make you look a total cnut
”The T3 personal mobility vehicle is designed to allow officers to cover a greater area during patrols and give more members of the public a reassuring police presence.”

Patrols??? Since when do they patrol, I mean apart from on tele, where they’re actors, i.e. people who are paid to pretend to be real police – mmm, then again??? 8O Are these what we’re going to see parked down the side of the Kebab shop in future – don’t know though, doesn’t seem room for the WPC??? I don’t think they’ll go for it unless they can have a flashing blue light – perhaps on their helmets – but the silly woo-woo noise they can make themselves. Sergeants can have an engine roar box, maybe a Harley? Speaking of flatheads, walts can have a push scooter. CID would of course have an unmarked version, so as not to raise suspicion in the streets. Hmm…the gun squad could have a wild west gun-rack hanging off the back - provided they can make a T3 with only one hand-grip, as they have to hold it with both hands!! :D

I’m in favour providing they replace the Area Patrol Cars – appreciate they won’t be used for our benefit either, but these toys are cheaper. Specially considering how Phoney Blair has repeatedly stamped his foot in the House saying we now have more than at any time in the past 30 years - of course where they are and what they do is another matter.


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