Need a new motherboard

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by JimmyNeutron, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm in the process of upgrading the PC and am in need of a new motherboard (as the subject suggests)!

    Spec wise I'm looking at 8GB RAM, Quad Core (Intel) CPU and plenty of expansion capabilities, something along the lines of: Asus motherboard P5N-D.

    All in all I want to spend about £100.

    Anyone got any views on the ASUS motherboard or alternative suggestions?

  2. X-bit review. I've had loads of Asus boards and tend more towards cheaper ones; eg I'm using a P5K. Had a similar spec Gigabyte board which died after a week-might just have been bad luck. It's horses for courses really. Might be worth noting that the new i7 Intel CPU lineup will mean changing everything again.
  3. Thanks for the thumbs up on Asus, I've only really used Gigabyte and SuperMicro boards before so wasn't too sure on them.

    Yeah I saw the i7 stuff, then I saw the price of the CPU's! Haha.

    I'm only looking at spending about £350 - £400 for the memory, CPU and motherboard and that should tide me over for a year or so until I can be arrsed to buy me a new PC.
  4. Easy way of selecting stuff is to go for a bundle online, example. You don't actually have to buy it obviously, just tells you what combinations work well. I'm running a q6600 @ 3.3 GHz, on water admittedly, I don't see any reason to upgrade for a year either.
  5. That's the CPU I was looking at, or the q9300. Not looking to overclock it as of yet just want a stable box to play with for a while.

    Good call with the online bundles mate. Much appreciated.
  6. The P5N-D is IMO the best board for you if your planning on running two Nvidia cards in SLI in the future. But on the downside, you may run into some problems if you try to overclock a quad core

    With ATI's newer graphics cards you might want to consider a Crossfire board like the Asus ASUS P5K, or the Gigabyte P35-DS3P (which works well with my old q6600 quad even when overclocked to 3.4ghz). These motherboards with Intel Chipsets work better with Quad cores than ones with Nvidia Chipsets like the P5N-D.

    Do you see your self running two Nvidia cards or two Ati cards in the future?
  7. Hi mate,

    It's quite possible as I do run a multiple monitor environment currently. As I say I'm not too fussed to overclock just yet, mostly looking for enough beef to run half a dozen terminal services sessions, a handful of ssl-vpn connections etc and of course a few games. :)