Need a map of the Fosse Way route.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Old Nig, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. Hello arrsers,
    I'm looking for help please in getting hold of a route map of the Fosse Way, all the way from Lincoln to Exeter.

    Google, Amazon and Ebay have let me down. So, if such a thing exists, and surely it must, any ideas how to get my hands on one?

    Old Nig.
  2. Thanks vm, need a copy to use while walking it, a traditional map of the route to help with the tricky bits if you see what I mean. Bits of it are straightforward, other bits much less so.
  3. My favourite road in the world!
  4. Got a map of it then, or do you know it so well you don't need one? ;-)
  5. Surely it is marked on OS maps?
  6. It will be of course, but how many would I need to get the full route? I was hoping for a map made just for the purpose of walking the route, was hoping to avoid buying and fumbling about with several large maps.
  7. The Fosse has got me out the shit loads of times when the M42/M5 have been stationary. It fascinates me that it's so old. Plenty of ghost stories. I could do Leicester to Cirencester without a map. Easy enough to pick the road out on a map, being so Roman like!
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  8. Warminster to Cleveland on a bike, using the Fosse Way and old A19. Feckin magical.
  9. I live 1.5 miles from the Fosse in Warwickshire. I might make you a brew but you can make your own sodding map...been there, got the Fablon User Award.

    Using a colour printer and Streetmap you can print the whole route out at OS 25:000 if you wish.