Need a little help through my application process.

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Hey guys.. New here but hey all.

I submitted my application on the 10th of this month and got an email back yesterday(19th) stating that I should keep checking my email account over the next four weeks and telling me to work on my fitness levels. There is just one part I don´t fully understand.

[FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]Please be aware that the medical assessment is the only part of the selection process that you can undertake whilst you are overseas and you MUST travel to the UK in order to continue with your application process. Once the medical assessment is recorded your application will remain 'pending' until you contact us again to advise us that you are in the UK.[/FONT]

[FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]So what is the best way to advise them I´m in the UK?? the process seems to be going quicker than I thought which is no problem :) any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Jack [/FONT]
Did you apply while you were overseas? Are you a UK citizen or have you lived in Britain for the last 5 years? Try phoning 08456008080 or pop in to your nearest ACC, they're usually more helpful.
:) Yeah.. Well I arrive in the UK this Tuesday.. coming from overseas but yes I am a UK citizen. May pop into the ACC as soon as I get back. Appreciate the help.. Any other advice would be too :) cheers
As long as your a British Passport holder the new immigration rules won't affect you....residency issues will only affect security clear jobs if you have been out the country a while.
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