Need a good campsite near RAF Fairford

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Watcher, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Going to take the lad to the air show in July and would like to camp nearby; any recommendations?
  2. hmmm, my neck of the wood but no sites near to fairford as far as i know ... and the police are quite prompt at moving on cars etc that are around the perimeter grasses for security, as you can understand it gets pretty hetic at the w/e ... i assume you're looking for some thing more or less on top of it, yes ? ... i go out for a daily 30 m training ride so i'll try going over that way to see if there are any possibilities but don't hold your breath !
  3. Animal,

    Appreciate your efforts. Not looking to be too close but we are travelling down from Lancashire and don't want to be arriving mid morning. Idea is that we are closish and can get on site fairly early.

  4. Try these Animal.
    Burford Caravan Club Site
    Bradwell Grove
    Oxfordshire (Browse area)
    OX18 4JJ
    Tel: 01993 823080 ---near Fairford try here as well.
    Hope these help! am doing Fairford again this year.
  5. How close do you want to be to Fairford? There is a place near Lechlade, which is the next big village about 4 miles to the east of Fairford.
    It is called the Bridge House campsite. Link
  6. ... i trawled the local web sites for the cotswolds before originally posting but couldn't find any suitable sites but i reckon you've hit the nail on the head with that site Fuzzy_Wuzzy ... i'd get in quick as i don't think you'll get better than that Watcher, looks really ideal ... hope the weather is ok and you have a good time with your lad, cheers
  7. It's closer than the bloody military campsite we have to stay on! Not sure if we are going this year due to training commitments. I'll be at the Abingdon airshow at Dalton Barracks tomorrow if anybody is around. Taking a BV206 which should be fun
  8. Look here, Theres a very good search engine on there with reviews. I,ve used it several times & it always comes up trumps.

  9. as promised i rode out to the airfield today to look for camping sites but without success ... went to fuzzy's which is a bit of land between two bungalows, asked a chap in his garden if i was in the right place and he replied, "yes, unfortunately it is used as a camping site" - obviously an unhappy man ! ... went into fairford town/village to look in the shops for postcard adverts, found about 60 outside the londis shop but none for camping, sorry ... it was however a nice round trip for me of 29 miles in the lovely sunshine with the bees humming, the birds whistling, the rabbits and pheasants running away as i quietly crept up on them - such is the pleasure of cycling ! ... hope you get sorted my friend
  10. Recommendations? ... yup, depends on just how close you want to be... as mentioned before there's Lechlade, nice wee town fairly close to the airfield... give this place a call The Trout Inn they have a field out back that they let people camp on and the beers pretty good too... Oh and they are Junior friendly too.

    Tis just an idea but.... try one of the local canal barge hire companys round here for a last min weekend hire... College Cruisers then not only does the lad get to go spot aeroplanes he also gets to play Capn Pugwash for a few days... the bonus about it is the ability to just pull up, drop anchor (tie to tree) and leap ashore....
  11. Thanks guys; some really good recommendations there and I 'll give them a good coat of looking at. Appreciate your help.

  12. On the subject of Fairford - how much is it to get in this year ??

  13. well either the laydeez of the peace camp or

    Camp Site
    Telephone +44 (0)1285 711111
    may be of some use

    or ring Jeremy Clarkson and ask to use his paddock !!
    only one of the above is viable.