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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by jockguard, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. hi guys im returning to public duties for a few months in london.
    and i was wondering if any of you guys would be able to help me out with getting hold of one of the cloths that are used for cleaning the aircraft canopys.
    its for bulling my boots with, i was given one of these cloths by a guy that used to be in the raf and they are a thousand times beter than the naffi sylvets.

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  4. All you need is a yellow duster, wash it out with shampoo a few times and keep washing it untill it stops giving out the yellow dye, once it runs clear, it is all you need.
    Sylvette is just a flash duster that doesnt bull any better, trust me.
  5. Not the case, yellow dusters have fibres that scratch the surface of the polish, and will dull the shine, stick to sylvette, and scrub it with washing powder and a nailbrush, then rinse well before you use it
  6. I'm puzzled - the only things I recall using to clean bubbles were chamois leathers or wire-wool.

    Obviously, the wire-wool was for the other Sqn's cabs..........
  7. You used to be able to get some very good (albeit small) cloths from the Squippers for cleaning visors with.
  8. these cloths where way better than any duster or sylvet they had a nsn number printed on the back of them, the guy i got the one i had defiantly said they were used to clean the aircraft canopy's the thing about them was they wouldn't scratch the glass.
  9. lol nah ive never used that or clear, if ya do hope it doesn't rain
    when rain drops fall on your boots and you've cleared them they get a blue tinge and ya end up with a few extra duties lol
  10. Any Tech Storeman at an Avn Unit should be able to get hold of the perspex (canopy) polishing cloths.

    Or go into your local optician and get a glasses polishing cloth. Probably a lot simpler?
  11. These cloths used to be part of the 'Goddards cleaning kit', they are no longer in service with us anymore, might have to ask the Crabs!
  12. No, have been tempted though, last time I did some ammos, it was bees wax, sandpaper, blow torch and sylvette cloth, tried and tested, and as you say, rain proof!!
  13. I am going into work tomorrow afternoon i will get you the NSN for the canopy cleaning cloths as we get thru bags of them.
  14. Could always just transfer Battalions! or even transfer out of the Guards and never have to bull an ammo boot ever again.