Need a dodgy story checked

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. Evening all. I am just back from the pub and was told a story about a family friend that rang a few alarm bells, i hope you all could help clear it up.

    Basically said family friend was in the army (That much is certain) in the early 80s, reached the end of his contract and had just picked up promotion to WO2. However at this point his unit was notified of being transferred from Germany to NI, a place he hated from earlier in his career. But he was given the option to stay in Germany so extended for 5 years. A while into this continued posting in Germany a change of command saw fit to send him to NI against the "agreement" he had with his previous command.

    So far it makes sense, boo hoo you were shafted carry on. But while returning home via ferry and bus to England a while after being posted to NI he kept spotting the same face. More so as he travelled away from the main routes and closer to his "off the beaten track" town. At this time he claims to have been carrying a concealed pistol which he says was issued to him for personal security, a common practice then he claims. On noticing the person yet again in a shop before the final leg home he asks the staff to call the police stating he has an army concealed weapon and that he is being followed. Police arrive he informs them of the situation and with police "chargers" (his words) the person and has him arrested. Turns out the person is from NI with no reason to be there.

    Obviously he is scared about being followed home by very possibly an IRA member. As such he quits the army as soon as he gets back to his unit. Since he is quiting after recently picking up WO2 and a few years into a new 5 year contract he has to "pay" his way out. The cost of such being so high he sat on the dole for over a decade to, as he puts it, "get the money back from the government he had to pay to stop his life being put in danger".

    Now i know things back then were very different to now, and well before my years to grasp. However alarm bells are ringing that this guy is telling nonsense to hide the real reason he lift. Carrying a concealed weapon from NI to the mainland does not sound right. And also the scale of buying himself out that he insinuates to.

    Could somebody help me out with this please.
  2. Load of pump.
  3. Complete total and utter b0llocks.
  4. PJ, did this take place on a cold dark night?
  5. Sounds taller than a tall bloke on a ladder on the roof of Canary Wharf. That's a very expensive PVR, and the PPW sounds deeply suspect too. And what would the IRA want with one soldier out of thousands in BAOR?
  6. I think its quite scarily accurate in a sad deluded kind of way.

  7. Complete bull
  8. Is the contrast fecked on my screen or are the colours on that bullshit meter the same colours as the REME TRF :p
  9. UDR/R IRISH and RUC/PSNI PPW holders weren't allowed to take them to the mainland never mind anyone else.
  10. Seconded.

    The story teller is talking bollocks.
  11. Utter nonsense, obviously. But to put a different perspective on the story, a couple of people I have worked with who were in the Army (checked and confirmed) and tell stories (checked and discounted) that begger belief.

    FWIW, when I go back home everyone in my local believes that my job involves carrying an AK/M4/Uzi etc and hosing down the locals. (I have not carried a weapon while working for over a decade.)

    Perhaps the story that the subject told has been exagerated in time honoured fashion.

    Edited for clarity
  12. Could write a book and call it "Never in a million years"
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I dunno. It could be true. Back in the 70's when I was posted to Narnia we were issued with Heckler Coshes and told to stuff them down our trousers. Then the Wizard of Oz kicked off and we were all.....

    Sorry. Erm, I dont know no Wizard of Oz, I was never there and I got witnesses. Shtum.
  14. the part about the weapon is complete bollocks. the rest could be varying shades of the truth. lots of people jumped at shadows about being "followed" - some just attention seeking. i know one such person very well. as for "buying yourself out" - yep, that was done. but ten years on the dole? sounds like he's making excuses for being a lazy, workshy cunt.
  15. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    PVR charges in the 1980s (buying yourself out) was capped to a maximum as far as I remember and this was not a great deal of money, certainly less than a month's pay after tax.