Need a contact number for 26 Regt

As the title says - a mate of my missus' urgently needs to contact her son's unit in Germany because of a family bereavement.

I can't find my next of kin card with the welfare number on it, does anyone have the civvie number to get hold of the guard room at 26 Regt please?


Call the proper people:JCCC

Should circumstances arise which make it necessary for you to apply for a soldier to be returned to the UK from overseas on compassionate grounds you should telephone the JCCC on 01452 519951. This telephone number is manned 24hrs a day every day of the year. Contacting a soldier first may lead to delays. When you telephone the JCCC you will be asked to provide the following information of the service person:

* Number, Rank and Name
* Unit and Address of Soldier
* Name and Telephone Number of Doctor or Hospital (if applicable) who are treating the subject of the compassionate request
* The details of the person very seriously ill (normally life threatening) or deceased.

Better to go through the offical channels, they'll be able to phone people quicker than you waiting to get the number I'd expect.