Need a cheap beater watch?

I bet these will last at least a week....
I saw the same floating by on a push ad three days ago, so they are already half-way to lasting a week. ;)

Interesting that one of the pics on their site is an image from the customer feed back page of a "company" called TEVISE that sells Rolex "homage" watches (Tevise name and logo) on Some of the other photos are from a site called chrono24. Call me silly, but I actually like burrowing into cheap Chinese brands trying to figure out who is "borrowing" what from whom, and where.


I bet these will last at least a week....

Depends on what the movement is. Now that ETA has a monopoly on Swiss movements and refuses to sell outside of its own brands Miyota (Japan) and Seagull (China) both sell reliable movements to the rest of the world.

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