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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ikontempt, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Right, basically i am looking to join the parachute regiment but...
    i don't want to leave the army later on with no qualifications but my GCSE's

    i spoke to an army guy and he said that i should take up a trade such as engineering instead of joining the infantry as a paratrooper, i have good GCSE's (9 grade A*-C) and he also said that i could take p company after gaining a trade, however i know this wouldn't make a me true para because i wouldn't have done the 28 week training just p company.
    Really don't know what to do, any ideas ? I WANT TO BE A PARA but i NEED qualifications... =[
  2. If you want to be a para, Join the parachute regiment. IF you want to get a trade consider the Engineers onto P Coy. Or Para Provo etc... the options are open. Speak to a recruiting team and do what you want to do.
  3. REME would get you into the (mechanical, electronic and aeronautical) engineering world, look at the technician trades (defo not Vehicle Mech though) with grades like you have at GCSE. Plenty of time in a classroom initially, but will get you to Sgt in 8 yrs and the chance to get a Bsc in electronic engineering by 12yr point.

    REME have 8 Field (Para) Company in Colchester. A whole company dedicated to those who have designs of doing P Coy and jumping out of 'planes.

    not much engineering done in the engineers. my bro is a welder in the engineers and he says the REME do all the welding. they seem to do more bumming around in tracked vehicles, laying bridges and blowing stuff up.

    Why not look into Para Reg Officer, you're obviously a smart lad, so you should do quite well at that.

    I've always thought that recuriting blokes either a) push you to go their cap badge or b) send you to the most technical corps based on your ability. If you went to a cap badge that is normally taken by those with less academic quals, you would be a step ahead of everyone else to start with.

    Everyone (soldier) has the ability to reach WO1, but it is a damn sight easier the less technical the corps.
  4. Thanks mate, but don't you have to have A levels to be an officer ?
  5. Ikon - yes you have to have A Levels to be an officer, why not stop on and get them if it's what you want. Check your pms too
  6. There is nothing stopping you joining the Paras and carrying on with your studies whilst you are serving is there? Open university springs to mind. Do a few years then use your ELC's to fund your studies
  7. This is good advice, you can also do distance learning A levels whilst you're enlisted and apply for a commission later on. Also do every course availiable such as PTI, you'll get an NVQ level 2 for this. And as you get premoted, your duties as an NCO are transferable and you can be awarded NVQ's up to level 6 in personel management.

    Even infantry have a lot to put on thier CV when they leave, there's a lot of stigma attached to the infantry but its down to the individual as to whether they leave with any skills for civvy street.
  8. thanks for the help guys.
  9. Its always good to have something to fall back on mate. Im in the process of joining the paras myself, but already have my GCSE's, A levels and a Degree.
  10. How longs the application taking for you??
  11. Well it went pretty quickly to start with Killer mate. However, my old recruiting Sgt had to go back to his regiment, so I got a newer one and every step seems to be taking at least a month.

    That being said, ive got no problems with that, everyones got to learn somewhere eh. I had my last interview a month ago, rang up to see what the crack was and he said I should hear about ADSC soon enough.