Need a bit of adivce!

Ok so i'm 22 and I want to join the paras. I realise this is a pretty tough regiment and I will have to be pretty fit to get in. My problem is that the job I have at the moment is very stressfull and takes up allot of my time and getting fit always seems to have to take a sideline.

I realise the army will be 1000x more stresfull and take up allot more of my time but in the army I'm guessing I will eat, live and breath fitness. What i'm considering doing is quiting my current job so I can just focus on my goals. I have enough money to tide me over for three months and I still live at home so I don't have a huge amount of bills.

Just wondered if anyone had ever done anything similar? Or weather you guys think this is a viable option Or weather I should just man up haha


I'm joining the RE and I have a job which takes up about 90% of my time and I find it hard to get some fitness in. However, with that said I do some circuits in the morning before I get ready for work and then run about 4 miles on my lunch break, which leaves me enough time to get showered and changed and back to work way before I need to. I do this Monday to Thursday which means I can go to the pub on a Friday at lunch time with my work mates and go for a big 11 mile run on saturday

I wouldn't recommend quitting your job, as it takes most people 12+ months to get in. It took me 7 months just to get to selection and by the time I reach Phase One which starts on the 3/7 it will have taken me 15 months and that's with an A grade.

That's my advice but ultimately it's up to you and how determined you are to get in.
Go into the careers office, get on a selection weekend and see how you do. Its a fair wait from 1st enquiry to going on the recruits course so don't quit your job just yet. If you've got a TA PARA unit near you go and see them and they'll give you all the pointers you need regarding fitness etc and you might want to join them to 'test the water' and see if PARA life is for you, and the pay you get from the TA unit will help with the bills. Best of luck.

Your talking about anywhere between 5-24 months it could take to get in the Army as it is and then after ADSC if you don't pass PRAC you wont be going in as PARA. Start the ball rolling, and just incorporate fitness into your every day work, either run part of the way to or from work, lunch times etc and do fitness in the evenings. If you want it that much you will find times to do it. Have a good look at stickies on here but mainly speak to a Recruiter who can advise you better.
I wouldn't recommend quitting your job until you've got a firm job offer from the Army 'cause you never know what's going to happen between now and then..

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