need a bit help on army-civi qualifications

Ok so got MD's a couple years ago.. knackerd my back. been bouncing from job to job.. security.. doorman.. as being infantry and only doing 5 years didnt get as much as i had hoped for.. now that im applying for a "real" job there are asking for qualifications i have gained...
now there arent looking for my map reading skills.. range groupings..
could anyone put into plain english army-civi qualifications ie leadership.. etc
i have googled about and if i come across the bullshit they have on the army.mod page one more time the laptop is going out the window!
thanks in advance guys
The 'very' basic education qualifications are currently NVQ level 2 English & maths and according to the AEC's there's still a huge backlog. However colleges are running them regularly. What do you currently hold (PM if necessary).

Putting that aside, what type of leadership qualification will depend on specific area of employment your focusing on?

Btw, I'm bloody surprised you've done door work with a bad back mate

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its all the silly little ones they hand out like working well as a team stuff. like u finish a block course and they hand them out to everyone.. just needing somthing to bulk it out about. so far got my school grades.. and some city and guilds.
acctually appliying for a job as a train driver.. so its trying to somehow gather all the skills and turn them into something that they want to hear.. been at this two days and pickled my head.
yeah.. me to.. but somehow managed to slip under the radar hah
Ok, without sounding harsh there's no such thing as silly qualifications when dealing with civilian employment, as long as your CV profile narrative is up to date, legible and you have qualifications and facts to support.

C&G type quals are good, applying for a train driver vacancy will have a element of specific training as mandatory however if you get the chance spend time on the tube drivers thread as there's a couple of posters who are ex overground drivers with better subject knowledge.

I'd also recommend speaking to your local college career advisor for research and preparation guidance.

Lastly, practice your interview skills, confidence, mannerisms and key factual bullet points with friends & family if your out of practice.

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yeah ive found that out the hard way! the more i have to put down on paper the more their eyes light up sorta thing!
good advice mate! will check that out. thanks mucker.

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