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Need a 105........

Guys, I need to get an inert but pukka 105 shell (drill round would be ideal) for a bet...........Porridge Gun will run it up and down a hill dressed only in his daks for £500 donation to Hols4Heroes. Video to make Youtube.

Anything close to Blackpool area would be great.

Help me call the fat knacker's bluff.
I can help you out with a slightly smaller round, might be a 25 pdr.

Is it just a cart you are after, or the whole shebang?

Am in Manchester

Posted this on the other thread, get in touch with RSA at Larkill. They should be able to sort you out, failing that any regimenal gunnery wing (Light Gun), will have what you need.


up near blackpool your best bet is 4th reg! they are currently deployed but im sure i can arrange either 105 or nasty drill rounds if its for charity!

feel free to pm me

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