nedd some help

me and my xwife still get on and we have a little girl with each other does any one know how long i can stay thair for becouse she lives a few hours away from me.

some one told me if i went to see her i had to be out of the house for 10 at night and i could stay 2 nights a week if i recall right

some more info would be good to know thanks
You havent given us enough information to work on there mate, If its amicable and she doesnt mind you can live there with her permission.

More detail would be appreciated.
without knowing the full story anyone with an Idea cant really help you. Best bet is to speak to the relevant authorities who pay out CSA etc....
Has this been through any form of court mate? has any order of care been put in place. I have a feeling though you are refering to the way the CSA work out how they take there money, I think as the non resident parent your maintanence you pay is calculated as to how many nights a week you stay with the child. With a bit more info i might be able to help as im going through the CSA myself
i pay csa and she gets tax credits i think its called she also gets sumthing so when she goes to work the baby sitter gets paid if i go stay thair then she would not be entiltled to any of that i have been told that if i go thair and leavve by 10 at night and i can also stay 2 nights a week and it wonk afect her im just after knowing if any one knows if im being told the right thing by some one
people who recieve benefits are entitled to have "guests" to stay 2 nights a week. Other than that and correct me if im wrong, in the eyes of the system if they stay anymore than that they are seen as residents and therefore have to make rent contributions, thus affecting the other partys benefits
thanks mate ive been trying to find that out as i was fed up with going thair every weekend and having to get a travel lodge because she didnt belive me thanks
your very welcome mate

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