Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. FFS. I was foolish enough to open that link on my office PC. nearly wet myself.
  2. Coffin' and splutterin' myself - it's dead boring you know...
  3. I don't know what's more worrying; that that site exists,or you found it CP :D

    S+M, necrophilia and beastiality - like floging a dead horse!
  4. I just fired a sprinkle of precum into my speedo's

    I'll be back in an hour, off out with a shovel and some baby oil
  5. I'm getting on a bit you know, it cheers me up to think I've still got a chance with the birds...
  6. Drunk walks into a bar with a dead dog under his arm, and puts it on the bar and proceeds to order a drink. The bartender comes up to him and says "you can't leave that lying there" and the drunk says "Sthats not a lion, sthats a dog"

  7. Bit of a tangent there WM!? :wink:
  8. You could always lob one up Dale...... just get her to flush her bucket out first.
  9. Dale is no bird, shes an escaped hermaphrodite circus freak.
  10. So you have seen me with the tigers then Moody????? While you were noshing the clown off?
  11. FFS!!!! I didn't know Cutaway had gone in to the Publishing business now as well as Modern (ie Scat) Art!!!!
  12. Cuts got hooked on Corpses after he raped Dale :D

    He said it was like poking a corpse..... lifeless and smelly :D :D :D
  13. Do you think its something to do with the Soodd Effrikkun sun? Think it does a certain something to the decompsition that drives Cuts mad and makes him pine for it? :lol:
  14. Getting back to the subject in hand, I once saw a documentary about the whereabouts of Eva Peron's embalmed corpse, which eventually tracked it down to some Italian cemetary. It also featured the revelation that the embalming had been particularly effective, a la Lenin, and Mrs Peron did look very life-like. Consequently, when Juan Peron's regime fell and the body was removed to the custody of the new secret police chief from the Peronist Party HQ, a senior officer there was found to be regularly chucking one up it. Nice.

    Still, it brought to mind the little-heard last verse of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina':

    'Don't Cry for Me Argentina,
    The truth is indeed distressing,
    As I was lying,
    There in my coffin,
    Some filthy dago,
    Gave me a boffing'