Neck correction, wind in 6 clicks.

How many times and what has been the funniest neck correction you have had to issue to a necky cunt???
Phase 2 Recruit said that he thought I was being a bit harsh by discharging him after he was charged for fighting down town and AWOL (He really was a useless little c**t).

My response of "Harsh" was posting him to a unit and leaving them with s shit pile of admin before sending him to Afghan where he was more likely to get his opos killed than actually do something worthwile out there!
I think the servers on here will crash if everyone posts about their experiences correcting Whet on a few minor points of fact.
cloudbuster you have a whiff of STAB about you, because only a part time soldier and full time wanker would make a boring comment about impressing you with how many posts i have. If you want impressing get a UV light and read my name behind your TV, your missus loves it...
I'm sat here taking notes - this is impressive stuff!
Ambush, you couldn't be more wrong about Cloudbuster.

I do believe I've inhaled his farts at 1500 ft above Crossmaglen on more than one occasion and am almost sure he did beyond the full 22.
Hope i havent got your hairy back up.


Fixed it for you. I think ambush set will find it hilarious now.

(You made me chuckle anyway. There again, I spent 12 months in the TA so that probaby explains it.)
That's uncommonly kind of you.

Ambush-set said:
Hope i havent got your hairy back up.
Was that for me? It's been a very long time since I last let a chopsy sprog get a rise out of me.
Keep it cool matron, i have a Queens Golden Jubilee medal dont you know. Would use your quote but effing machine is having a moment.


Book Reviewer
Sir may find the 16½ a tad snug with a tie. May I suggest a 17?
Praise from Ceasar, what next a boss that's not a cunt...
I believe that reason might be me, Shhhhhh dont tell him though i am slowly turning him insane. Tuesdays i phone him and pretend to be from the CSA, dont ask about Wednesdays though.
Cant fucking quote because of this machine, got to love you and leave you as scoff times wait for no man no matter how many posts he has or HAS NOT...
Yep ...definate capslock displayed there.

Confirmed bite.
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