Alright muckers, im a project manager and have just completed my SMSTS, and now im looking at NEBOSH, still all pretty new to me how much weight does the cert carry for future roles? or would I be better using my ELC and going for the diploma?
I've done the cert and the dip. and now work as the safety bloke in a very big power station. Do the cert and if you enjoy it then do the dip. The cert will get you an H&S entry level job, the dip is a level 7 qual that requires 3 massive exams and a massive academic standard thesis and a massive amount of time. You may actually be better off doing the general cert and then the construction and/or fire certs.
Hope that helps

mess pres

Sorry for the thread hijack but rather than start a new discussion I thought that I would post this here;

Has anyone who currently works in health and safety come across this qualification yet? If so what do employers make of it. Is it a alternative to a NEBOSH general certificate? It says that it is accredited to give one Tech IOSH.

NCRQ | Certificate in Applied Health and Safety

Many thanks in advance

mess pres

Mess pres, I have seen it being promoted recently as it is a new route to a safety (and risk) role. I have no personal knowledge of it, however, it does provide another route to a recognised qualification and recognition by the safety professionals institution (IOSH). Two observations, the delivery and assessment will deffo suit some peoples learning style better than the NEBOSH certificate route. However, it is new and many employers are not that switched on to exactly what they are looking for when recruiting a safety person as it tends to be a support function so HR and recruiting managers may well demand a NEBOSH qualification in ignorance of this qualification. Hope that helps,

mess pres

Jim- spot on thank you very much.

I think a lot of people will prefer this styled of learning, the million dollar question will be will employers like it.

Have a good day
NCRQ came up a bit at this year's Safety & Health Expo.
As Jim has highlighted, they are a new organisation so their reputation is still building. The difference in their approach was commented on and how it could be beneficial to those who have had problems with the NEBOSH approach (apart from chronic wrist cramp on the finals exams - everyone gets that!)
One thing to bear in mind with any qual done now is that a new HSE ISO 45001 is coming in later next year (delayed by BREXIT?), and how it prepares you for that

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