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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by muscat_diver, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. I am currently working in Oman and have been doing a NEBOSH Diploma by Distance Learning. The course was cheap and not suprisingly the tutor support has been weak to non-existent.

    I have passed the papers A, B and C but bombed the Unit D with 35%.
    I thought that I had followed the marking criteria carefully but having done the studying I have obviously not grasped how to select the right subject matter and to produce an effective report.

    Please can anyone tell me where I can get advice on my existing report and/or to get guidance on a future submission as I need the qualification to continue my job. I am not trying to get anything for free or to plagiarise other peoples work; just to get advice where I am going wrong

  2. you could try the IOSH website
  3. Bawheid th eIOSH website is good for generic guidance as is the NEBOSHsite for prescriptive guidance - thanks for your support.

    Tremaine - that is a useful; site and will help when I get into the detail - many thanks
  4. Got an Oppo who has just past his nebosh, he did a two week classroom course and nailed it comprehensively.

    He said there would have been no chance whatso ever of passing if doing it distance learning

    The great classroom teaching he had made it all possible..........

    Its a dreadfully boring course to self motivate to
  5. I'll second that, not a hope in hell of passing that by distance learning, it took me all my time to do so in the classroom...mind you it was also a massive slog to stay awake through it as well...bite the bullet, book onto a course for when you are next on leave, it is short term pain but it does help to get your CV looked at.

  6. I failed one part of my NEBOSH diploma about 10 years ago.

    They failed quite a lot 1st time examinees, (as you then had to retake and pay the full test fees again), as a money earner for themselves...don't know how true it was, but approx 60% of my course failed and tutor told us then it was quite common occurrence for that many to fail.....make of it what you will.

    previously it was similar to the general certificate course more than half failed that most by only 1 or 2 points away from pass mark
  7. doing this at the moment also, can't believe how much information you have to try and remember, also NEBOSH exam answers are weird
  8. i did the Genral Cert in november. just waiting for the results which should be out early next month.

    @thegimp. the 2 week course your friend did was probably the Certificate as thats only 2 weeks. the diploma is off the top of my head roughly 6 weeks full time but not many placesdo it like that. its normally day release over a period of months.
  9. I shunned the NEBOSH diploma after suffering two mind numbing weeks getting doing the cert. The whole thing is NEBOSH speak - know the buzz words and your sorted. Try to voice and opinion or place and argument you donald ducked. I posted something on the IOSH website to that effect and got a number of exceeding delflamatory emails from NEBOSH management defending it - Clearly hit a nerve the truth hurts.

    7 months distance learning NVQ 4 gives you Grad IOSH, follow that with IOSH open book exam IPD and then yr hitting CMIOSH - Walk in the park and definitely the way forward

    You could always do the PG Cert and PGDip or MSc with strathclyde later....
    (Strathclyde is also Distance Learning but I'm told they are very good)

    I know it doesn't answer your orginal problem but may give you some thougts for the future, at the end of the day you've paid for your tutor support you should be getting it - Kick some backside. I found the company I did the NVQ with superb can't fault even thinking of doing the 5 just for chuckles.

    If I can help otherwise pm me....


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  10. They have a module on TLA's :lol:
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  11. Had quite along look at this after I posted it to you:

    Useful site for lots of reasons . Good luck, and you're welcome :)
  12. I done the 2 week classroom cert,now a Safety Advisor, but doing no more courses. God knows how I passed.

  13. Ah yes - just re read that and it does read a bit bollox. Just assumed the thread being fairly specific that the contributors would know what I was blethering about.

    Sorry again... :oops: