Nearly there

Got my medical on the 5th April and got look at life on the 8th.

What exactly do these two things entail? and how long between look at life and signing up?
As long as you're medically fit. it's up to you're unit how long to process you and get you attested...if they are up to speed it can be the same day as the medical...the 1.5m run is a piece of piss. just grin and bear it if you are struggling........
I think it really depends on the Unit and their 'competance'. Took 2 weeks from application to be atested in Swansea. I am now elsewhere and it has taken a couple of guys 4-6 months!!
When I joined I went in on the Tuesday, had the interview and a medical the same night, got lucky as the doc was in that night, and done my selection and BPFA on the saturday, sworn in on the Tuesday after, went to warrington, got my kit and was in, in a matter of a 2 weeks....

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