Nearly charged for being AWOL

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Adam(KOS), Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Mark Townsend and Ned Temko
    Sunday March 11, 2007

    check the strapline date-was done in detail at the time. So yes too late to gag-by 5 months!
  2. Read this in its entirety, Mr Browne, and then turn and face our Service personnel. look them in the eye and tell them that they will receive a medical service thats befits a person who is willing to lay down his/her life. Read it and then refute the claims made by the parents of the young 18 yr old who had to lie in same stuff as you spout! Accuse his parents of lying. Go on you worthless piece of crap! This is the 21st Century not the 19th Century. Our troops are coming back from theatres of operations to medical treatment akin to things that our forefathers' forefathers had to endure.
  3. Links well with the broken covenant though,
    and re carried in yesterdays Metro with twists.
  4. The word "Disgrace" is just not enough.

    "'The pain team is only on duty 9am to 5pm and it was only at 10.30am the next day that his pain was addressed. "
  5. 'We will be the only country in the civilised world without a dedicated military hospital', said Hampshire councillor Peter Edgar, who is campaigning against the imminent closure of the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar in Gosport

    Civilised now theres a word, makes me wonder if we are any more?
  6. I feel I should post and show my support, but what's happening is so disgusting that I'm actually speechless...
  7. In the 21st century I find it hard to believe that the parents of an injured soldier should even have to consider taking their son (who has fought for his country) to a private healthcare unit. Surely each major theatre of operations should have a BMH and more importantly the UK should have at least two dedicated "Services" hospitals that could cope with any referrals from active service and non operational injuries. We are all supposed to be part of the covenant - soldeirs do their "bit" now the government of the day should get off their arrse and do their "BIT".

    Rant not completely over!!

  8. As I never tire of pointing out..France [at the last count] 15 Military Hospitals including a Military Teaching Hospital in Paris...............Great Britain.............Zero. How embarrasing and shameful.

    edited for spelling
  9. Does anybody think this is something we could change in a campaign?

    Could we use the experience gained from previous successes, and launch something to shame the government into doing something? We've had public support in the past, so I'm sure we'd get it again.
  10. Lost for words on this one...I bet if it was immigrants complaining then something would be done. Absolutely sickened.
  11. Perhaps It should be put on the broken covenant site. With respect to RBL I don't think the video on there is hard hitting enough ( Sadly ) even though we can relate to it, Joe average civvy's probably can't.

    But. Oh, woe, Rooney's bust his foot, every headline in the UK Papers, like it matters :x .
  12. When does enough become enough?

    The article gets worse line by line. even allowing for tabloid poetic licence this is truly disturbing.

    Is it a truly held belief that it doesnt matter how the wounded are treated?

    I am sick beyond measure of this Army having to make do, not being resourced correctly to fufill the tasks the very same people gave us to do in the first place.

    I see it as nothing less than the systematic betrayal of some of the finest young men and women this country has.
  13. Words Fail. Truly Disgusted.