Nearing my end.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Big_Rob, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. Im being being influenced by to many bad habits, I think its time for me to pass the reigns over to someone else, 7 years of nothing.. let some other poor fucker belive the advertisements about the british army. Kick me out.
  2. Who`s a cheery boy this morning then?
  3. I may sound like a grump, but thats the sign of the times, to be honest the naafi's not the right place for this sort of vent.

    I know many people that feel the same, it's depressing to be honest. Shocking how mp's can ruin generations of men and not even realise it.

    edit: to add its a bit dusty here. maybe its just the time.
  4. I assume you mean Members of Parliament. I have to agree. MP`s and politicos in general are miserable, depressing, self-seeking, useless twats.
  5. Did I ask you to care you useless fuckwit schmuck?

    Do me a favour and choke on your own vomit.
  6. Your mum bores me now, been there done that, got the feckin t-shirt.
  7. Not feeling heroic, Robert? Fancy that. Goodbye.
  8. All that after just 7 years? You are just beginning old son.
  9. And so kids,this is why we don't post when we've had a few shandies.
  10. If you don't like it man up and get out,stop wingeing and infecting us with your pissed up ramblings.You sound like a right loser.
  11. Remember, you are only three clicks away from signing off (JPA). Then, when you have done that, do us a favour and fuck off somewhere else. Thanks in anticipation.
  12. It's wonderful to see the spirit of comradeship still going strong ! No whats up "mate "? No go for a run clear your head and go for a pint with your mates ? No recognition that we serve/served in a fck*ng stressful environment and need a whinge, a moan, a punch-up to clear the air ? Come on you ARRSEholes.

    Cheer up mate , one day it will all seem to be what it was, life!!!!!!!
  13. On the plus side, it will be one less redundancy for those that want to stay in.

    Revmodes, this is the NAAFI bar you don't get support here unless you propose something like shooting French or ginger people.
  14. If you want to see real shit Threads..just look at some of his other crap under his previous Oxygen Thief tag name. Robert_Da_Hero. This guy is a complete fuckwit knobber of the highest order.

    Why don't you wind your fucking drug taking neck in and do one you snotgobbling whining cunt. Big Rob..Ha, Big Twat.
  15. I know i got out of bed on the right side today! fc*k al that comrade sh*t, he is obviously a whingeing tosser, must get myself off of these happy pills for a coupla weeks, iam turning into Mr nice guy, thanks for the wake up, back to being me, aggressive,anti establishment, pro hanging ,deportation and anti ginger etc etc..