Near Miss with the Ultimate in Friendly Fire...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Apr 8, 2005.

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  1. Glad to see that the US has called off its launch of a classified satellite because the rocket booster falling back to earth would have splashed down within 15 miles [ give or take a bullseye or two ] of the Hibernia Oil platform off Newfoundland which has 285 workers and 1 million barrels of oil stored on board..

    of course, they didn't say theu were cancelling because they forgot the oil boys were in the ' downrange ' spashdown area or that they had no way of controlling the spent boosters was merely that the rocket wasn't ' ready' for launch quite yet..

    No word on when it will be launched as spokespersons claim only that the mission has been ' indefinitely ' postponed.. as to the payload.. well that's a secret but it has nothing to do with Missile Defence or Star Wars, really...
  2. At least Premier Danny Williams had the good sense to order the platforms evacuated. Helped spur Mr. Dithers and the Yanks into "re-scheduling".

    Either the maps in the US don't show anything above the 49th parallel or someone needs a swift kick in the a**. Either way, definitely doesn't help cross-border relations.
  3. There are people above the 49th parallel? :D
  4. Yes there are people above the 49th. :lol:

    They are popular ones, accepted in Europe and the rest of the world. That is rather than the similar sounding septic, god bothering, regime changers (if it suits them) wuckfits to the south :evil:
  5. Yes, but there are only 8 of us:

    a Frenchman
    an Eskimo
    a fur trapper
    a Mountie
    an Indian
    a lumberjack
    a fisherman and
    your cousin Bill that lives in Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal and yes, I know him.

    I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok,
    I sleep all night and I work all day!
  6. Who wants to be accepted in Europe?
  7. But do you wear womens clothing?? :D :D
  8. Of the eight, the frenchman would be wearing the womens clothing.
  9. Like I've said before, the Yanks should look at a map.

    We're bigger. We're on top. If this was prison, they would be our b*tch.

    And leave Francois alone, he looks awful purty in that dress, at least when he remembers to shave his legs. :lol:
  10. Well, that sure is reassuring.. no worries about hitting an oil rig and spilling millions of barrels of oil into the ocean wiping out inoffensive fish species, and no concern about smacking a multi-million dollar installation of some 200 plus people..just worries about the tech boys hooking up the wrong hose or forgetting to tighten the right grommet..

    puts everything into perspective...

    shame they couldn't get their little toy up in time to take infrared photos of the North Koreans though and the Chinese arms build-up along the coast opposite Taiwan...the spotters will just have to camp out a bit longer I expect..

    Still, nice to think a chunk of Newfland won't be crumling into the Atlantic just yet, because of the ' delay '...
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Actually its my Great Uncle Bill and can you pop into the veterans hospice in Montreal and wish him well for me, I fear he may not last till my next visit at Christmas.
  12. Remember, it's the only p*ssy that can eat you...

    To paraphrase Robin Williams: "Canada, it's like living in a public shelter over a really GREAT party."

    Does this mean I shouldn't play host to a delegation from the Opaswayak Cree Nation in Manitoba?
  13. It sounds like a slightly expanded 'Village People' - only gay-er.
  14. Only the best of us:

    London - 51 deg 32 min North

    Paris - 48 deg 48 min North

    Good Ole USA - even more south than the French (apart from Alaska)!