Near miss my ARRSE!

More flaps, I NEED MORE FLAPS, turn you fcuker turn, oh sh1t, full reverse, mummy help, go left - NO go right, fcuk fcuk fcuk oh sh1t, everyone to the back - QUICK !

Its ok, it was only a near miss !!!!!!!!!

Fcuk that, i'm walking. lmfao
The JAL aircraft looks like an 777 and the other seems to be a DHL A300. The 777 dwarfs the other in terms of size. My guess is that there a a good few hundred yards lateral separation and probably way more than the required 1000ft vertical separation. There's also the chance that they are lining up on (or departing from) parralell runways. If there was a genuine problem TCAS would have been squealing at the crews like there was no tomorrow. Zoom lenses on cameras distort depth perceptions.

If you really want to see life getting interesting for DHL crews, look here:

Hit by a MANPAD departing Baghdad.

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Get the right angle and any aircraft can look like it's close.... always works on the cross over pairs at air displays. You recon that if there was an incident and it was as bad as it looks in the photo, it wouldn't be noticed by ATC and wouldn't have been reported? Just another case of hacks getting a decent looking photo and adding it up all wrong in order to make a story where there isn't one as always.
I'm not a pilot, but even I can tell that these two planes are flying a little too close to comfort!

The JAL aircraft is a Boeing 777 (Jumbo Jet size) and the DHL (the nearer) is an A300 Airbus (a little bigger than a Ibeefa bus, Boeing 757). The 777 has a wingspan of 200ft as opposed to the Airbuses 147ft wingspan. Quite a bit of size difference plus the pic was taken using a telephoto lens so to judge the distance from that alone is very difficult. There would have been at least 1000ft seperation. Yet another slow news day no doubt. Nice photo though.


The caption below the photo says;
The planes appear to be flying extremely close together
Fret not, Flash is right, camera angles can confuse the uninitiated. If it had been Skynews, it would have read "Massive loss of life averted by millimeters"
CC_TA said:
Story must be true, the camera never lies and aircraft are all the same size!

Hmm. JAL jet... giant birds... are you sure that's not a screenshot from a Godzilla movie?
JAL plane looks like a 767 to me (must be right i was never AAC or RAF)

and DHLis an airbus, similar in size i would say they were at different altitudes and photoshopped :wink: so no wonder there was no collison/near miss report.

her endeth the sermon of some one who has no real clue except flown on 767 with JAL :wink:
crabtastic said:
CC_TA said:
Story must be true, the camera never lies and aircraft are all the same size!

Hmm. JAL jet... giant birds... are you sure that's not a screenshot from a Godzilla movie?
Damn, rumbled! Yes it was I who animated King Kong - how did you guess? :lol:

Telephoto lens as used in this photo
have the effect of 'Compressing' the distance between two objects. It's a much used trick in Movei Car chases to make the following car look
much closer to lead car.
While the lower plane was a A300, a smaller freight plane, the one behind was a JAL A330 - a larger, passenger plane.
quoted from bbc link so i would have hoped they had got it right but you never know :roll:
JAL dont operate the A330, they do however operate the Boeing 777 so I guess you cannot count on the BBC for accurate info!

recce lesson No 1.

Boeing 777. Look at how many large 'lumps' it has under each wing. Three. (I dont mean the engine pods!).

Now count how many the A330 has;

Now compare the original picture. Which one do you think it is? (The JAL aircraft).

Also look between the wings on the underside of each (the centre of the wing spar where the main wheels retract to). The A330 has a rounder and more bulbous affair. Conclusive that the aircrat in question is a Boeing 777. Semantics I know but if they are going to have this as a 'scare headline', they should at least bother their arrses to get the facts right. If they had, it becomes a non story because of the many reasons a few of us have stated here already.
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