Near miss for Darwin awards


From todays Telegraph:

So in summary,

The sat nav directed her on a route requiring her to cross at an unmanned level crossing. She appears to have opened a gate, driven onto and then parked on the tracks before going back to close the gate. She has not looked out for any approaching trains, and one has written her car off.

Was she too stupid to read the signs giving clear directions on how to use a level crossing? Did she think the Sat Nav would do it for her? Does she expect the sat nav to control cross roads and roundabouts for her as well?

Thick as mince, if only she had stayed in the car a little longer the train driver could have been given an award for improving the gene pool.

Is her husband called Tom by any chance? :wink:
My ex-missus, was from Redditch - if I'd known there was a chance of this, I'd have bought her a Tom Tom years ago.

I take it the Tom Tom Help Desk response will be "put it back in the box and return it to us - you're obviously too stupid to own one"


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Damn, missed her!!
It could happen to anyone. My wife jumped into our car in Herford and tapped in the route to Paderborn. By some strange chance of fate she landed up on the car park of a large brothel. She then stormed home demanding to know how the address got into the Tom Tom. Fucked if I know I answered, you typed it in!

Got away with it this time!

I think the birds husband was trying to do her in, set up the navi for her but got the train times wrong. Better luck next time mate!
There are some truly mince people around as this ain't the first time this has happened :x

I have a TomTom myself and believe me the little bugger is worth its weight in gold, especially in Germany but FFS a bit of common sense needs to be applied when using them as opposed to blindly following the instructions - dozy bint!

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And these people are allowed to breed............


If they had ANY IQ at all...

They have the front to blame the sat nav, when it is actually the most intelligent thing in the car. And almost certainly has more common sense!


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"Yes, officers, I know I drove my car through that pub and drove over all those people, but it's actually my husbands fault. you see, he told me to drive to the car park at the back of the pub!"

"No officers, I was so busy looking at my tom-tom, in between doing my hair and applying my lipstick whilst steering with my knees and talking on my mobile that I completely FAILED TO NOTICE THE FCUKING GREAT BIG SIGNS THAT SAID "HARBOUR ARM"
Feel better for getting that off your chest Biped? :D

To be fair it was probably tricky to read the route with the coffee cup on the screen.
Read that this morning, couldn't believe it. The picture of the 'offending' crossing makes it pretty clear that its a level crossing.

Red - STOP
Green - Clear

Her quote "i drove up to a large metal gate but the sat nav insisted it was the correct way so i opened it and went through"!!!!!!!! FFS!!!!!

What did she do before Sat nav,

I can almost imagine the devil and the angel sitting on her shoulders saying "go on Paula open it" "no you must not"...

Dozy Bint! (with all due respect to the poster on here)

To rely on Artificial Intelligence/satnav when devoid of any IQ herself . . . . .

Breeding shouldn't be an option, IMHO.
That naughty satnav, imagine forcing the poor woman at gunpoint to drive onto the level crossing. There should be a law...

People like her have the vote. TB wins three terms. Just saying, is all...
What a thick , dozy git.It 'led her' onto a railway crossing, many of us have to use crossings to get to where we want to be.We don't drive onto them , get out the car, walk across the lines, leaving said car in middle of crossing, then walk back across the lines before realising it's a crossing! It was in the dark, oddly enough by the time it's dark most of us would have found the switch for the car headlights. She was going to get in the car and move it when she heard the horn but if she had she would've been hit by the train.Please, please , please can we turn back time just this once!
Dozy, thick, waste of air, scrounging student, thick, waste of air, stupidarrse of a thick , waste of air, git.Did I say thick, waste of air, yet?
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