Near end of 22 years/ when can i finish and start civi work?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cakenarse, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. My last working day is 30th Dec 08, but have had a request from the contrator on my camp for when i can finsh as they want to offer me a job, my unit has a policy to make you work until the very last day possible prior to end of career, when can i realistically expect to finsh, i havent used any resettlement yet?
  2. The rules on working durung resettlement/leave/terminal leave:

    0354. Paid Employment. Service personnel may undertake paid civilian employment:
    a. During Terminal Leave.
    b. During Annual Leave, with their CO’s permission.
    c. During off duty periods, with their CO’s permission.
    Service personnel are not permitted to undertake paid civilian employment during their GRT (including IRP) as personnel using GRT are on duty. However, SL may undertake a CWA as this is unpaid employment. If, however, trade union organisations insist that firms should pay the SL, then such a payment should be made through the appropriate Service administrative office. The latter is to credit sums received to public funds after refunding to the SL any dues paid to trade unions.

    From: - (JSP 534 The Tri-Servce Resettlement Manual)

    But, I am aware that if you have a confirmed offer of employment, you may apply through the CO to take up this employment in advance of your discharge date. I will try and find the relevant reference for this. Wait out.
  3. Sorry for jumping in here but would this affect your pension?

  4. Not as far as I am aware - as long as you get the appropriate authority.
  5. Here we go:

    Applications from soldiers who wish to obtain the concession permitted by the Army Pensions Warrant 1977,
    Article 146, for discharge on completion of at least 21 years 9 months reckonable service for pension are to be
    submitted under this paragraph. All such applications, supported by evidence from the prospective employer
    that the employment offered cannot be kept open until the soldier's due date for discharge, must be referred to
    the Ministry of Defence (DM(A)) through the appropriate Divisional Colonel Manning and Career
    Management concerned.

    From QRs. - para 9.400g

    So, using the 21 years and 9 months point, less terminal leave, less any accrued leave you may be able to take (can't take paid employment during resettlement), this could mean that an individual could take up a firm offer of employment well in advance of their termination date - but only if you are approaching the 22 year point.
  6. Thank you Bonzo_Dog, good work.

  7. Thanks for the info, i take it from the info that even if i have used all my resettlement and i am due to finish my 22 year career on 30 dec 07 i can apply to leave with a confirmed offer of work on the 30 th sept without it affecting my pension.
  8. Or 08? :?
  9. I am not sure that this is correct, you should treble check it as there is a lot to lose. Get any confirmations in writing.

    My understanding is that you can start PAID work for your new employer during your terminal leave, this equates to 20 working days (or 28 days counting weekends). This is exactly what I am doing in 2 months time. Prior to that I am using my GRT (35 days) to do an unpaid work attachment.
  10. My circumstances were sligtly different in that I was going to be employed as a civillian in exactly the same job, but because of this I calculate my terminal leave + grt and remaining leave, back counted that from my Runout date and gave my bosses an ultimatum. If they wanted me to work during the period I would have been on GRT and Leave, they must pay me. They agreed, I then drafted a letter for my CO to sign authorising me to work during my leave and "work experience" and so received double wages for my last 2 and half months. 9k a month for 2 months was very nice ty :D
  11. When I left on options for change there was not a problem starting a job prior to terminal leave provided it was not permanent employment. As in taking up part time employment off duty your CO should be able to authorise you to take short term contract employment. I was able to start as a contractor wit 10 weeks left and then signed up full time after discharge. Have a word with your prospective employer to see if they will come to an arrangement.