War Hero
I was doing bridge and rock slope inspections while working self employed. Ended up going full time with a consultant and letting the ticket lapse.

The guys on the IRATA course were a mix. Painters, window fixers, NDT guys, structural engineers, a welder and a marine engineer from memory.

As the tutor said, the rope ticket on it's own won't get you much work, you have to have a trade you can apply when you get to the end of the rope.

Other tickets were Rail PTS and PICOW, 360 excavator. And some street works stuff.

Forlorn Hope

If its any help, Siemens did take on a few IRATA (or something similar) blokes to train as Wind Turbine Blade Repair Techs. Most blade manufacturers run in house repair training courses, because the construction differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. The techs I spoke to seemed to enjoy the job, but dangling off a rope 70m above the North Sea has no appeal!