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  1. Single round or multiple?
    Wouldn't like to of been his O.C. :lol:
  2. Ah, "Contact, Wait out!" always used to work, don't suppose he has that option available, fcuking muppet !
  3. The suspended officer will continue to perform other work while the Directorate of Professional Standards probe continues.

    We all know who's going to be the night duty officer for the next year or so! :lol:
  4. Should be Range biatch for the rest of his life, picking up spent brass should give him time to REALLY think about his handling drills,
  5. If the going rate in the sandpit is £1500, how much this poor bugger be charged?
  6. Cost of the round?

    Sorry thats just any Septic who ND's

  7. 8O
  8. Maybe he thought he saw a brazilian :twisted: . Thought these guys were highly trained .
  9. Generally speaking, police MP5s are carbines, i.e. they are single shot with no automatic/ burst capability.

    It's typical clueless journos who keep writing "police armed with submachineguns" when they aren't and never have been.

  10. They most likely are, although some may be confusing ability with ambition.
  11. I always thought the definition of a submachine gun was a small, compact weapon firing pistol ammunition (normally select fire. S-1-F or S-1-3)
  12. Its a shame he didn't shoot any yanks-see how they like friendly fire!
  13. my Missus has got a Brazilian, why would the plod shoot at that??
  14. I think the operative part of the description is machine-gun, i.e. a weapon capable of automatic or burst fire. Most police and paramilitary versions of such weapons converted to semi-automatic only are described as "carbines."

    As well as the MP5 converted in this way, some UK forces use carbine versions of the AuG-Steyr firing 9mm rounds.