ND turkish style


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Hmmmm, so grenades are stored with fuzes in, and when dropped the pin comes out and lever released?
Late night stock takes too?

Bit of Syrian sabotage me thinks.
But 25? This must have been a fair sized grenade - or else they were stood in a perfect circle. I recall a minelet (or whatever the term is) from a JP233 being detonated in a Portuguese barrack room in Sarajevo only killing two.
Must have been a bizarre sexual rite of passage. Dodgy.
The blast occurred while the stock check was being carried out late last night.
The soldiers’ remains were discovered early today after a subsequent blaze was extinguished.
'One hand grenade was dropped during stock-taking and sorting, causing a large explosion,' Mr Eroglu said.
'There was no external intervention. There certainly was no sabotage or anything like that.'
Why does that last line make me want to scream 'Liar, liar, pants on fire'?


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when are they going to wheel the survivor out - there must be one otherwise how do they know what happened - use a medium?

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