ND from mortar in class!


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Mortar round explodes during military training in Transdniestrian school

TIRASPOL. Dec 7 (Interfax) - A mortar round reportedly blew up in a school in the breakaway province of Transdniestria on Thursday when eleventh grade pupils were studying a mortar's operation during a basic military training lesson, a Bendery police spokesman told Interfax.
One student was injured in the incident.
Police and experts of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces are working at the scene because Bendery is a part of the security zone.
Three explosions were reported in Transdniestria earlier this year.

A good lesson in life - don't hand out heavy weapons for schoolkids to play with. Whatever next?
Isn't that the place with massive old Soviet arms dumps, that makes its money flogging these to dodgy customers?

Seems like they were just making sure that the next generation of ammo techs knew their stuff!

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