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We were having a long chat at work the other day about promotion, and seeing as two of us are going through the process at the moment we were comparing and contrasting how other organisations (mainly civilian) promoted people. In the civvie police we've just had a massive re-org of our constable-to-sergeant promotion process (I'm not even going to begin meaningful civpol/army rank comparison, but I felt that this forum was the most appropriate for a variety of reasons). I'm not really going to bore you with it, my question is more to do with how the army goes about it (during this conversation it came up, but I was the only person there with any military service, and six years in the TA ending up as a JNCO doesn't really cut it).

So, if somebody here doesn't mind, my questions are:

* Once you've identified Cpl. Miggins as Sgt. material how do you go about promoting him?

* How pro-active does Cpl. Miggins need to be? Does he apply, is he chosen or is it a combination thereof?

* What examinations does Cpl. Miggins need to pass? How is he assessed? Does the army still run a two-week cadre based system?

* How often does the army use acting ranks as a method of assessment?

* Do civilian HR personnel have any input into the process?

* Does the process vary wildly from capbadge to capbadge or trade to trade outside of the number of vacancies available?

* Do you think your system works well?


Sorry to ask so many questions, don't worry if you just feel like answering one or two. I'm being asked feedback/ assessment on the process and I'd like to be able to compare and contrast with other organisations.

Many thanks in advance,

The current system varies from trade to trade and capbadge to capbadge within the army. Many teeth arm units run internal cadres with the top performers being promoted at the conclusion, but also qualifies the less able performers for promotion in their turn - but this only happemns at the most junior of ranks.

Promotion to the more senior ranks is dependent upon whatever the 'career managers' dictate the eligibility criteria to be. For example it may be 2 years in the lower rank, a current recommmendation for promotion and completion of a particular career course. All those that fit the criteria are boarded for promotion (this process involves a number of officers sitting around a table and scoring the individual fom his reports - he is not present and may or may not know any of those assessing him).

Once the board has sat the candidates are plotted based on their score. To put it simply the appropriate number are selected based on the number of vacancies anticipated for the next year. It is more complex and involves quality lines and reserve lists, but I won't confuse you with those.

There are other means to promotion though. Certain trades within the army have a minimum rank, and so successful completion of a re-trading course can result in promotion.

Hope that helps.

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