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I'm a Matelot Officer, and one of my lads has expressed an interest in transfering to the Army to do the above. I've no idea where to start on the paper-work/people to contact. Would welcome any helpful advice and/or contacts. More than happy to respond to PMs and if necessary respond via dii e-mail....


I think you could simplify this to an inter-service transfer. Your lad would have to subject himself to the usual aircrew selection process once he has transferred and feels he has the experience. In my case (which was back in the 80's) it was easier to do from a regiment / corps other than the Army Air Corps. By the way, back then all pilots were SNCOs / officers, and JNCO pilots were unheard of. Good luck to him.
Hmmm...would he not have to go through basic recruit training to learn how to do drill properly :D and the basic soldierly skills?
One guy did attempt and pass the Pilots course mid to late 80's. On completion of the course he did a straightforwards transfer from RN to AAC, ISTR it was a guy called Wright? Suggest you give Middle Wallop a bell.

Your lad will also need to be a killick or PO as the minimum rank for the course is L/Cpl or Cpl.
I have seen a matelot go through in the 90's whom applied as a killick and transferred after succesful selection for the pilots Course. He is no longer in as he flies for the Airlines now but the advice to phone Middle Wallop is best.


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