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  1. Greetings fellow ARRSE's,

    If one were to be recommended for NCO at a rank of Corporal, how would this affect ones payslip? .. I cannot seem to find this information anywhere on here or the internet. Short and sweet.

  2. It wouldn't affect it all unless you were SELECTED for promotion.
  3. if i were you timbo i would concentrate on getting to basic and passing out before you even think about promotion.
    plus nobody ever joined the army for the money, just for the opportunity to abuse fat birds whilst drunk.
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  4. Let's hope this wasn't an initiative test to see if you can source basic information about your own career....itherwise EPIC fail and a firm recommendation for another year as lance jack ;)
  5. Yes I found this, but it isn't clear to distinguish between lower band and higher band pay and if this relates to time served or being successful in NCO course.
  6. Are you in the Army yet?
  7. Thank you for encouragement, I am in a position to consider a career as a soldier or an officer. I have a degree, among other things.
  8. In that case I'd worry about getting myself into the Army before you worry about how much you'll be paid after your second promotion.

    If your decision for which path to follow is in anyway influenced by the pay packet then I wouldn't bother with either, you're not cut out to be a soldier or an officer.
  9. That is really good advice tbh, and extremely relevant to myself and my current situation. The pay packet thing doesn't really make much odds tbh but it's nice to have a bit more money, but I completely agree with what you are saying. I guess it is all down to whether I should try the officer route, irrespective of pay.

    I guess it is kind of a get out clause r.e. initial question. What I mean by that is - I do not want to succeed as a soldier and then kick myself in the teeth that I could have made it as an officer.
  10. ^ ^ ^ on saying this: I also want to be good at my job. I would prefer to be a good soldier than a crap officer.
  11. I'm guessing not ...... call it intuition.
  12. Give me strength. Presumably one of the 'other things' that you have is an imagination more vivid than a bag of vivid things buried in the vivid vaults on Planet Vivid. Either that or you are a serial abuser of mind bending drugs.
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  13. lol! that is hilarious! Other things.. I have never failed at anything I have tried when I wanted to succeed. I guess the board would decide my suitability.

    I guess this is a very hard question to give advice on.