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NCO or Officer

I have been told that i am eligible to go in front of the commissioning board (currently full screw) but i'm not convinced..has anyone gone from screw to officer on here who could honestly tell me if its worth doing or would i be better off staying where i am and going for a 3rd stripe


QADave said:
there would be some additional G1 responsibility but not a huge amount.

and breath.....


Get real. Go and find someone who is actually doing the job and find out exactly what is required before you go further.
He's a QA so he's correct in that. Med Units are stuffed fill or PQO's so it's not like he'll suddenly become a Pl Commander from.

Either way, I'd say go for it. Just don't forget when you commission that it's the CMTs that run your unit!

Do a "Duke of Wellington" on yourself.

Basically, draw a box and then quarter it. Left column of two is "Full Screw", right column of two is "Officer".

Top row of two is "Pro's", bottom row of two are "con's".

Write down everything you can possibly think of, for example:

"Everyone not a rupert will have to salute me" - we'll call that a pro
"Everyone not a rupert will think I'm a dribbling cnut" - we'll call that a con

Get the idea? Putting it all down on paper will help you make your decision.

It's called a Duke of Wellington as he used to use this method for helping make tricky decisions.
wellyhead said:
In that post go officer, most here will have Inf/Armour/Corps heads on and not know the difference
Exactly! From when I was RAMC I found that there was little difference between the senior (and even junior!) QA's and the Commissioned QA's. The job is the same and your boss is still going to be a Major so why not commission, get more money and make yourself more employable if you ever leave?

TC (who may or may not be drunk,..)
The main advantage is you get in the Officers Mess with all those young nurses ah to be a PSI with a FD Hosp again. If it is a professional opinion you require you could post the question in the RAMC Form
It's essentially up to you - I was in this position about 10 years ago & am now a QA Major at sub-unit comd. The only personal regret I have/ had was not spending a while as a Senior Rank prior to commisioning.

You should also bear in mind that a lot of Fd Hosps are pretty fully manned for Nursing Officers. You'll make Capt without too much drama but getting to Field rank is where the promotion pyramid starts to get quite acute (& the G1 really starts to batter you here!). You may have more scope for progression as a Senior. PM me if you want any other random advice.
You could always just give it a try to see if you enjoy it. At least then you will know that you've given it a go - as MSR says, only you can make the call if it's your kind of thang.

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