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Discussion in 'ACF' started by fus-chic, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Dont get me wrong, my NCO'S are great but are missing something. does anyone have any material or course packs that i can use to improve a bunch of well motivated keen nco's. 8)
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Would help if you said what it was you wanted to improve.
  3. If they are keen and motivated they will turn out to be cracking NCO's, but it would help if you told us what area they need improvement. They could do a JCIC or land command course? I always tell my JNCO's that the most imoprtant is confidence and motivation without that you are utter shite.
  4. i guess it is the working together, on their own or in pairs they are ok but them as a pack is a nightmare. which does not help our junior nco's
  5. Do you use them in leadership roles in any way? Do they actually take specific responsibilities? Sounds to me from your last post that when you gather them together they behave like the older teenagers they are. Perhaps one option, aside from courses etc is to structure their training around working in smaller groups rather than talking to them all together. Maybe setting them exercises which they need to develop solutions to which means them applying what they already know but also new skills.

    Just musings and without anything specific not sure can say much more...
  6. mate ,
    are we talking cadets or Adult instuctors when we talk about nco's ?

    In my opinion quite a large amount of staff are unaware of platoon tactics ( allthough they think they are )
    so how are they supposed to teach them to cadets for whom it forms part of their syllabus.
    ie how to be a section cmdr/2ic for a start.
  7. I am trying to read between the lines here, so if I am barking up the wrong tree forgive me.

    Teamwork starts with structure. Give people a clear and transparent chain of command, give them clearly defined resposibilities and limitations. If they behave like a pack it suggests to me that they are an unstructured or inappropriately structured team.

    If the structure is appropriate with clear responsibilities and limitations and they behave like a pack then that suggests they need their leadership skills developing. That isn't unsual for Cadet NCO's and as already mentioned there are courses which can help, failing that find time for them to get some suitable training delivered by you or another AI who genuinely understands what leadership entails.

    When all is said and done though getting the pack mentality out of teenagers entirely is probably a folorn hope, some things need a level of maturity that is simply beyond their years in most cases.

    I think you know who I am and I have some handouts and lesson plans which may help, so call me or PM me if you need anything like that.
  8. Pimp,
    couldn't agree more. I know this will put the cat amongst the pigeons again, but please note that I do value Adults with no military experience and many of them are far better at some things (including the original poster if she is who I think she is) than I am.

    However, the Ex Reg/TA (particularly Ex Inf) Adults will have spent many years working in and/or leading teams in challenging and difficult circumstances. Few people disagree that the Army is one of the best places to gain an understanding of teamwork and leadership. Similarly section and platoon tactics will have been thier bread and butter, they will have Ate, slept and breathed them.

    You'll all have AI's like that who you know and trust (I hope), so rope them in to help you design and deliver suitable training for your NCO's.
  9. yes its me!!!!! i would be grateful of whatever you have, see you at christmas camp
  10. We used to run a weekend, for just NCO's and Adults in the field - try and make it more like a regular forces exercise then a cadet one. Get hold of your local TA units as well as Regular Forces, CTT, ACIO?

    Have both Adult sections on the exercise and Cadet sections - the Cadets will do all they can to make sure they "win", but then so will the Adults - not to loose face.

    Along the same lines, both equally as good, get your local unit (either TA or OTC) to agree to your Cadets helping on the next field weekend as enemy forces.

    Another "realry" improtant thing, is to make sure your Cadets, don't just get the rank for time served, and if ther arn't good enough then bust them. I know it sounds harsh, but a Cadet L/Cpl should feel that they have working very hard to get the rank.

  11. Pimp, you are quite correct. We have quite a few of them don't we? A lot of our cadet NCO's are outstanding but some need quite a bit of help. Some detachments promote cadets for the sake of it i think. I run weekends to assist NCO's along in relation to the field and i know the Pimp does as well but we really need to look to some of the AI's and help them along.
  12. gwailo, still not sure who you are but i guess you are in the group somewhere, bring your data stick to camp and we can swap bits :D
  13. hi pimp
    how's it going. I was talking about cadet nco's.
  14. Have your NCO's one any sort of NCO cadre?
  15. I'm not too au fait with the cadet world, but maybe you could appoint a different duty bod every day, who's responsibility it is to march the others around, tick off nominal roles, etc. It would give the individuals a chance to come of their shells, and give the adults a break too.

    Not a complete solution but certainly a step forward, if you don't do this already.