NCO carde before tour

Hello all. I've been put on a JNCO carde and doing pre carde now. Im happy and all that but its just before we deploy to afghan in april H16. Ive never deployed before and worried that Im missing nearly 2months worth of PDT which is pretty essential stuff for first time deployers. plus Im missing some key exercises. Id feel better cracking the tour out then getting on the course with more experience.

Whats everybodies veiws on missing out on that much of pdt?
Should I choose to do the course (if I get selected)
should I do the tour first then do the carde?
Blokes go straight from recruit training to the battalions in theatre without any significant problems. The 7 day RSOI package in theatre will teach you pretty much what PDT would have done, though obviously PDT has the advantage of giving you more experience and ironing out any problems. You'll soon pick everything up after your first few patrols anyway. It's not rocket science to be honest.
What does a pre-cadre consist of?


steve-o, as the others have said I'd not worry about it too much. There can't be much more stuff to learn at this stage of PDT, and think of the extra money you'll be banking while on tour.
Go for the Cadre pal. Never turn down anything that works towards a promotion. You never know when the offer will come around again.

And as said previously, you will can always pick up on what PDT you might have missed on RSOI etc.

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