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I was gutted when they killed off Kate, but cheered up when the replacement arrived. Very nice.
Agreed - clever plots, engaging characters etc.

Strangely (?!) I have no preference for the female lead - Kate or Miss Mossad - as both are good characters, but Abby cracks me up!


War Hero
I think Abby's great, also love McGee - bit of a dope at times but hey. There is great rappor between all of them, fantastic programme
I have only become hooked in the passed couple of months and catching up watching both series, Friday and Saturday.

On the Kate/Ziva question, currently coming down on the Ziva side however, good to see some good witty office banter between everyone.

Mr Happy

Mrs H prefers Ziva, I think she's wrong. Frankly, kate was far sexier. I mean, who's mouth would you want wrapped around your old man (sorry to cut the chase like this)? Kate's or Ziva's?


War Hero
Great show and series 4 is excellent.

Go to and you can download up to Episode 17 of Series 4. This is the series thats just about to start in the UK minus the ferkin annoying adverts!!

The septics have some fairly decent and popular tv shows out just now.


With regards to which NCIS chick is the hottest.......has to be Kate. Althought the though of the Mossad chick throwing me about the room, pinning me in a headlock and shagging the life out of me is rather appealing!!

I'll get my coat.


Just like a US version of Redcaps??? :thumright:


Mr Happy said:
E-ring? About the pentagon?

got a summary for us?

I would agree, NCIS is usually pretty good. I watch it regulary. There are three CIS programs showing here Miami, NY and Las Vegas. I think there are at least 3 Law & Order shows going too.

E Ring was discontinued here in the USA. It was about an ex-SF Major assigned to the Pentagon. As it turned out most of the time, he was off on one man 'The Unit' type missions.

Most SF and Special Ops people thought the program 'sucked.' As does the 'Unit.' :thumbdown:
NCIS is rather good I have to say.

I still reckon 'The Shield' is the best drama to come out of the States in years though!


Don't think you guys who prefer Ziva have thought it through - she'd be too likely to have your knadgers off with a rusty blade the first time you wound her up.

Kate is also nicer on the eyes but I'm afraid that my vote goes for Abby, something to do with those pigtails of hers.................................
I am also an avid watcher of NCIS. I tend to watch on FX at 8PM nightly. It is a spin off from the excellent JAG series, and I am well documented on my carnal desires for Catherine Bell. I am a definite faller on the side of Kate, she rocked my world. Ziva is a bit of a poor womans Salma Hayek, but I suppose she would still get a game. Well chuffed also to see the delicious Lauren Holly as the Director, imagine having a boss that looks like that..... She took over in the series from the fella that played Jim in Neighbours. My daughter is a major Abby fan, and now wants to be a Forensic Scientist when she gets older.
All in all, top prog. Must fly, it is on now....


from a female point of view....

kate nice arse and eyes
ziva - nice arse

but not in a sexual

but tony well.....

Mr Happy

Mrs H says I'm her little DiNozo and she got me an NCIS baseball cap to wear to bed...

Saw a funny epi last night, The 3 boys raided a fancy dress party as they stormed in wearing their Baseball caps one of the guests said "Guys, you've spelt CSI wrong"...


Personally I think Gibbs is an excellent role model!

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