NC Running Shoe

Does anybody else have these NC Running shoes from UK Gear? Haven't been using them myself for long but certantly a lot better than the issued silver shadows

You can actually see the difference between the performance, I know alot of people don't exactly give a f**k what they run in but me on the second hand disagree. They alot more comfortable on your feet, and unlike the silver shadows the laces dont snap easily when your trying to do them up :lol:

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I haven't got a clue what you're on about, but if snapping laces is a problem then use decent laces or paracord tied in a reef knot instead of a (gay) bow. Not only will the laces not snap, the knot won't loosen through footfall. An old Gurkha trick.
Everyone's feet are different, there's no point spending a packet on the trainers with the best review if they are no good for your feet.

Most so called sports shops are just fashion outlets with clothes with bright colours, useless for sports, the only thing more useless in the stores are the staff who haven't got an igloo about anything.

Length, width, typical running surface, your weight, etc, etc, all contribute to what you should be wearing on your feet. Have a look here for some advice;

Once you've found what type will suit your feet and running requirements, go to a shop try them on, give them back then order them online.

Happy hunting.
go to a proper running store they will sort you out
buy one pair from them next on line

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