NBCI Conversion Course

To all NBC Instructors within London district:

At Last, LDSTT has announced the dates of the 5 conversion courses it will hold between now and March 2006 to qualify exiting NBCI instructors to the new qualification.

Details can be found on our web site, http://www.army.mod.uk/ldstt/news.htm

Please email me or call our office for further details.

The delay in running the new courses have been mainly logistical, the time taken for us to receive sufficient equipment to run out courses.



War Hero

Two of my NBCI-qualed soldiers are desparately awaiting this course, but we don't come under LONDIST, and our regional Bde haven't got into gear yet. What are the odds of getting my guys on a course at LDSTT or another BSTT?
I am sure if your able to travel to Longmoor, we can accomodate. I hope the urgency of these qualifications will overide pouching issues.

All I can suggest is that you call our office and speak to the chief clerk in person, and see what they suggest.

Dates are


Conv 05/01 17/18 Sept & 24/25 Sept 05 Longmoor

Conv 05/02 22/23 Oct & 5/6 Nov 05 Longmoor

Conv 05/03 19/20 Nov & 3/4 Dec 05 Longmoor

Conv 05/04 21/22 Jan & 28/29 Jan 06 Longmoor

Conv 05/05 18/19 Feb & 4/5 Mar 06 Longmoor
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