Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by monkeyrmp, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. Hope you can help......im after the Chemical Immediate Action Drill i.e If you see a plane etc and more info on NBC suits like shelf life etc etc and interesting info on this subject appreciated. Been out a while and have to do a presentation to a group on this subject. Thanks in advance :frustrated:
  2. Is this for your Vespa meets?
  3. Survive to fight good place to start and maybe a title slide with CBRN on it. Please move with the times
  4. survive to fight !!! if only i had one mate
  5. I have just had a browse through your website, the one that you advertise below each & every one of your posts on ARRSE.

    Don't tell me, you're going to put together some gay little C.D. to sell on ebay with subjects such as: CBRN, (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Defence) Map Reading, Field Craft, et al?

    Something to sell along with your walt certificates that you advertise on your website & ebay? :pissedoff:


    I would have been in a position to supply you with the CBRN information that you so require, however, I think that I shall avoid this at all costs.

    If your intentions are genuine regarding the CBRN info that you require & you are doing a presentation, then I apologise.

    However, it doesn't take away the fact that selling these certificates is wrong.

    Surely only a complete tool would plug a website on ARRSE selling walt certificates?

    You Sir, are helping to fuel the walt population..........you cnut! :rage:
  6. Have you seen the prices he's charging too?

    22 quid for a beret!!

    35 for a stable belt!!

    If anyone is actually daft enough to buy from him he must be raking it in.

  7. Fact 1 If you dont already know what your asking for then your not qualified.

    Fact 2 If your not qualified then your not and should not be placed or put in a situation where you have to teach.

    As others have stated, you are definately asking for the wrong reasons.

    Having browsed your website you need to sort your prices out and what! is with those certificates.
  8. Hmm a RMP doing HALO - who said pigs couldn't fly.

  9. LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :applaud: :dance:

    brew time, good drills mate! :highfive:
  10. hmmmmmm ....... you know, I think that Walk on the Wild Side has a good point there.
    if anyone has not already checked the website, then have a look, I mean its Walts-R-Us on there man!
    you want a "I've passed SAS selection" certifigate to put on your wall so you can big time it when you get the bird back that you pulled in the pub, certainly, how do you spell your name. oh why don't you have a CRW Wing cert to go with it, that'll get her wet!

    and I do think that the German mugs section is at best ....... questionable to say the least.
    who would any normal person want a mug with a shot of Hitler on or have one with a nazi symble on. is this the neo-nazi section then?

    monkeyrmp, you sir do a lot of bissness to walts don't you?
    how many of those SAS achivment certificates have you sold over the last year? that may be interesting to know.
    I appriciate you have a bisness & what makes money, makes money, if you want to do militaria fine, but look at the website & see where we are coming from.
  11. Thanks for the posts !!

    The website is my brothers who lives in America, all i do is the UK stuff as i also work full time.

    You all have valid points but it's supply and demand and he makes a bit of money from the various sites he has which is up to him i suppose.

    German militaria is very collectable and not all collectors are Nazi or Neo Nazi but like these items to go with other WW2 kit they may have.

    The NBC info i was after was for me to add to a presentation i need to do for my work, it would be a fun interactive session that most bods would know nothing about, in no way am i going to pass off as the Guru of NBC.

    If you can help it would be appreciated if you can't then don't
  12. RMP 100 Arrest Certificate!!!!!!!!

    Survive to fight is now issued for CBRN training for the old bill. Must be good
  13. Do you want to borrow this to dig yourself a bigger hole.............?

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  14. If you suffer a bombardment of any kind. Sight hostile on unknown low flying enemy aircraft. See, suspicious mist, smoke, droplets or splashes. Smell anything unsual. Notice sympotoms in yourself or in others. Assume it is a chemical attack and carry out the chemical immediate action drill. Be intime, mask in nine (or " stay alive, mask in five".)
    This is not the full version and maybe not exactly in the right order but hey I left the army 15 years ago so sorry for any errors.