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Can anyone help - I currently work for a county Ambulance service, & stupidly mentioning to my EPO (emergency Planning Officer) that I had done NBC training whilst serving - It would now appear that I have become ' The Expert' - can anyone point me in the right direction - websites, books or publications for any appropiate info....

Many Thanks

Never,never volunteer.....


YEP survive to fight
you know good book in the early hours, could save your live

ps you can buy it in any good army surplus store thats were we get all our kit ( The SUN said so) ;D ;D ;D

Get in touch with your local TA centre, and try and speak with any NBC instructors on the staff. The SPSI or one of the PSI's might normally be qualified. Explain who you are, I think you'll find they'll be very co-operative





There is some good reference material on mass casualty handling etc if you click on the scrolling "On this server area"

Survive to fight is ok for individual needs, but it doesn't explain what to do if a Platoon+ formation gets zapped.

Spotter alert, spotter alert!


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Worst comes to the worst - try waterstones or amazon and ask for the soldiers pocket book - it has survive to fight in it + lots of other stuff - some of which is a bit basic, but it all helps!!  

Alternatively try ebay, look under militaria and surplus........


Have a look at AMedP-6 - a NATO unclassified Medical publication.  I use it as my bible.  Do a Yahoo search and you get loads of web sites that have copies.



send me an email and I will give you the details of the National Police CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear)  training team, they were set up after 9/11 and provide a roadshow for all police forces, they should have loads of relevant info for you, particularly info that will be crucial if you ever have to respond to an attack along with all the multi agency gen that will help you set up a major incident plan.


Email address is at the bottom of this post.

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