NBC training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase31, Oct 25, 2004.

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  1. Recently joined TA but not done NBC training yet.

    Really apprehensive about having to don the kit, esp the chamber. Can anyone tell me what happens during training and what is expected? Any tips to get through it?
  2. Not too much to worry about. Kit you'll be talked through, chamber's not as bad as they make out. Remember that it's there to show you the kit works, not just to make you suffer.

    Best tip for the chamber is to try & make sure your skin is damp (especially 'round neck / face). Helps to absorb the cs. much less fun with dry skin.

    Oh, and DON'T panic - if it's the same as it used to be (must admit not done one for 10 yrs or so), they get you to lift your mask. One good breath in will settle your lungs - it's short panic breathing at that point that's the killer. Remember, it's only cs, not the real stuff!

    Oh, and good luck :wink:
  3. Good to see that you've remembered everything they told you at Winterbourne Gunner.I wish I had had someone like you to give me good advice before my first time in the chamber.
  4. Good to see that you've remembered everything they told you at Winterbourne Gunner.I wish I had had someone like you to give me good advice before my first time in the chamber.
  5. There's a huge number of lessons to go through (yes, it was a long time since I was at WG also), but the idea is to give you an introduction to the type of attacks you're likely to be subject too, warnings etc. also to give you confidence in the kit with a final test in the CS gas chamber.

    You get an idea of what CS is like just to make you not want to smell it again and ensure your kit is fitted properly. There are rumours of people who are imperveous to CS. Yet to meet one 8O
  6. Nbc test centre is fun espically whenyouve recovered and can watch others suffer :lol: .Do the drills read survive to fight , no dramas
    relax and enjoy . C S gas is unpleasent but effects wear off quickly
  7. unless you have some mutant strain of nbc instructor they will want to make sure you get a good lungful of cs.

    It's best to do this straight off when they tell you to. if they see you trying to hold your breath they will take a special intrest in you and make you do it several times a-to punish you for trying to decieve them, b-to prove that the drills work

    at the end of the day it's all about building your confidince with the drills and the kit, not knocking them 8)
  8. Long time, but you never know when those drills will come in handy - I still blot, bang & rub daily :oops:
  9. As do I,daily,weekly and monthly.I also perform sniff tests as required :oops:(with my QF Dosimeter and my RVD)
  10. nbc tips for dummies never go into a chamber with a cannister which you have emptied :lol: .
    clean your resprator it will grow mould
    dont pack nbc kit after being in the chamber till you aired it
    oh and one for instructors if spraying cs gas around stand upwind unless you mask up
    if you go through a river with your resprator dry it out
  11. Watch out for people trying to open your pockets before the chamber. :D
  12. The U&D drills were the worst, I was immune to CS for years, even read the football results in the chamber one year, the Instructor went ballistic, more CS was added still no effect, in the end had to say "West Ham were shit 20" times ( :evil: I'm a Hammers fan)still no joy. All changed about 8 years ago after an RTA, walked in did the drills and my party piece, imagine for the first time ever I got the full monty :oops: Even my mate, the instructor was shocked (he knew that it didnt effect me, until then!).

    Still it proves the Kit works :D
  13. Has anyone else seen any one who paniced during training, or just couldnt cope and rip the kit off? What happened to them?
  14. Involuntary Urination&Defecation are common side-effects.Vomiting inside the respirator facepiece also.In these cases you should treat the person as if they were in shock.