NBC-Play with the real stuff?

Here's one for all you NBC Gurus out there, I've already mentioned on other threads that I work, in my civi guise, with chemical warfare agents and if interest is there I've got the following offer to make. I should be able to jack up visits for small groups (around 5 persons) to the firm where I am now employed in Germany. We have quite an extensive stock of CWA samples and it would be possible to carry out the following:

1. Test detectors with real agents to give confidence in issue kit.
2. Sniff tests with real (extremely small) samples (it's all very well reading what an agent smells like but believe me you dont know until you've really smelt it)
3. Access to our collection of literature on the subject (OK a lot of it is in German but there is a large amount of relevant info there.

You'd have to bring your own NBC kit (make sure the filter is servicable) and any equipment you want to try out dates will have to be after March as we're really busy at the moment with a large contract from the Japanese Govt but let me know and I'll get the ball in motion here, before anyone starts wondering it wont cost anything I'll be doing it off my own back. Any further info you require just ask.
OK OK I know the problem with filters I've been there too (I could supply filters but they cost 60€ each so it would be better if the big firm supplied) just testing the water the offers genuine (if there's any interest) and if not no skin off my nose.
I would be interested but wrong country and secondly you posted at the wrong time of night......Aunty Stella and her Narcolepsy special have struck.your too late. Try tomorrow 8O
I know about the time but I keep forgetting just because I'm working doesnt mean everyone else is :) but I'll post again and wait for a reaction.
could'nt we get hoon to go demonstrate confidence in issue KIt
though have to run a raffle to see who get to give him a (ahem) serviceable Fliter :twisted:
Reference the offer I made, I've sorted out everything this end and I now have a green light to go ahead so all those who have mailed from March onward you're more than welcome. April I'll be off to Japan probably for a couple of weeks and apparantly May or June to St Petersburg so a bit of flexibility will be required there but apart from that I'm here and waiting.
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