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could some one with any tech knowledge tell me how effective the current personal nbc kit is.....and how long are working durations..would be much appreciated ..cheers
Current NBC kit is not bad IF used correctly, it will protect you in most environments as for life times of the individual items, I'd go by the Pam they seem fairly sensible. The emphasis is definately on "IF used correctly" I was at times shocked and stunned by the antics on Telic as the Scuds were falling. If you're interested in things NBC drop me a line I work in that field (at the moment nursing my first ever blister agent blister :) caused may I add by the incompetance of someone else who should have known much better).
Never had to use it in anger, thankfully, but I always had little faith in the capabilities of the S10 and the rest of the IPE.

That was until I came across boxloads of Iraqi NBC kit in a building near Basra; Mickey Mouse respirators, duff cannisters, and gloves and overboots which looked like they'd been rejected by PoundLand.

It's not til you see a comparison like this that you realise how good our stuff (probably) is.
The Iraqis had a wide range of personal NBC kit ranging from the very good (found some pretty decent Dräger masks at Basra) to the totally useless. If you think our kits bad you should try doing 8 hour shifts in the old soviet style full body condoms middle of summer 30°C in the shade I have and it aint nice (although you tend to shed the pounds pretty quick). Like I said before our kits ok have faith in it (there is better but the army will never be cutting edge) stick to the drills and practise them and that's about the soundest advice I can give.
I have alot of faith in our Personal NBC kit and was happy enough with it in the gulf.

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