NBC jacket - what do you write on it?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chosen_man76, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Can't remember what goes on the green bit on the chest pocket. Anyone care to remine me? I seem to remember: UK, surname, rank, bloodgroup
  2. That sounds about right, correct format is in Survive to Fight, always worth putting someone elses ID on if you ever feel the need to snot someone... works a treat..... Best to make sure you are not the only one wearing a Mk3 suit whilst doing this though.....
  3. Thats pretty much it - Name, Rank, Number, Blood Group and UK. All the important info
  4. TEA, MILK, NO SUGAR. this usually goes down well to as it is hard to say with face welly on!

    bring on the slating!
  5. “If I’m laying on the ground twitching, RUN!!!”
  6. ...depends which night club you are in!
  7. You wear your noddy suit to night clubs??? :?
  8. LOL...

    very quick :)
  9. "this way up"


    "do not eat"


    "this side towards enemy"
  10. Goku wrote:

    You wear your noddy suit to night clubs???

    Its the ultimate in safe sex, just make sure you don't put your own id on the pocket flap though, CSA may catch up with you otherwise.
  11. Should be on two lines, top one from the left - UK, rank, blood group. bottom line should be your name (or as has been already mentioned someone elses name for comedy value!)
  12. "Hi! My Name is XXXXXX, How Can I Help You?
  13. "Don't forget to feed me every day"
  14. "Dangerous when wet"
  15. If found, please return to
    MOD, Whitehall, London SW1


    If found, please return to
    SCOPE Freepost LON 8654