NBA Finals 2009 - LA Lakers vs Orlando Magic

Don't know if they are even showing the NBA finals in the UK? but here in SE Asia, the games are on live at about 8 or 9am.

Anyway - game 1, Kobe was utterly dominant. I don't like him as a person, but he made some quite incredible shots: in the third, he has was fouled whilst shooting, had his left arm held down... managed to pull the ball back with his right and throw a line drive at the basket, which somehow banked in. I actually said "my god!" when it dropped - incredible shot.

Magic were mostly awful, and they were out of it by the end of the third.

Game 2 - The Magic played better than the Lakers for much of the game, and really deserved a win. Turkoglu(?) was outstanding, as was Rashard Lewis, who hit something like 18 points in one quarter to keep the Magic in front. The shooting in the first quarter was woeful though - finished 15-15, the lowest points total for a quarter in NBA Finals history.

Magic could have won it at the buzzer with a lovely alley-oop inbounds play, but the rookie missed a difficult layup.

I am tipping the Lakers to take it 4-1. Magic should win at least one at home, but Kobe had a distinctly average game 2 and the Lakers still took it in overtime.

Dwight Howard is going to be one outstanding centre - only 23. Same problem as Shaq in his early career though - can't hit free throws to save his life. 59% is awful. But his rebounding is awesome, and the guy is built like a 6'11" brick shithouse!! (the missus is watching it just to see his shoulders - hmmm.)


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Isn't basketball like netball? You know that sport the girls played at school in short little skirts.

Come to think of it the sceptics are quite fond of rounders too but they play with a slightly longer bat and use massive gloves, probably because they can't catch.

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