Nazi wanted list released

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. From the Sky News website:

    The full story is here.

    Do we need to puruse these people? Isn't it time we allowed time to work its healing magic and try to learn from these horrific abuses and ensure they never happen again? Or do we actively hunt these maniacs down just in case they do it all over again?

    I understand the need for closure, but we'll never find it as a continent if we keep dragging up the past..

    ...just my opinion.

    And please don't send a deluge of PMs about my supposed Nazi tendencies...
  2. Supposed?!!!!
  3. They aren't being hunted down in case they do it again. They're being hunted down for doing it in the first place
  4. Humm a cynic might see this as perpetuating the "holocaust industry" I reckon if this was Japanese prison guards we would be quick to track them down and hang them.
  5. 'Supposed' aside DarthD. I understand your position. Surely all the largest perpetrators have been 'taken care of' by now.

    Some though won't rest until every cook and bottle washer are hanged.
  6. Why aren't they then?
  7. Guys, if we hadn't taken our eye of the ball on war-criminals in the 1950s then we probably wouldn't have wasted collective years and years of our young lives cleaning up mass-graves in the Balkans.

    Every time I think of Omarska, White house and all, I think that we should pursue every one of these bastards for as long as it takes. Most of these 200 are probably pretty smug about evading justice for so long. Well sorry Opa, here comes trouble.

    Or if you prefer, yeah whatever, sack it and let Ratko Mladic off with a warning too...No can't see it myself.
  8. A lot of those who were given sentences at Nuremburg were released by the septics. Nice de-nazification process, yeah you're guilty, but we'll let you off early
  9. Let me just clarify my use of the word 'supposed' - it seems to be generating angst.

    Perhaps I should have said 'don't send me any angry PMs - I'm not a Nazi sympathiser - just posting an interesting news story.'

    Is that better? :D
  10. Naah, prefer the 'supposed', leaves an air of doubt and mystery ;)
  11. Do you really think Britain was innocent in that?
  12. Lets see. one word or seventeen.........
  13. Here's one that should be arrested. Is there a bounty or a reward?

  14. Never saw any justice meted out on the Jewish terrorists who murdered quite a few squaddies and civilians in the late 40s.
    Especially as some of them reached high positions in the Israeli government.

    Double standards methinks.
  15. Tsk, tsk, that's different. They were fighting to create a homeland...