Nazi SS Pipeband Tartan Discovered

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. A bolt of the tartan designed for the SS Leibstandarte Pipe Band has been discovered in an archive in Berlin.

    Designed at Adolf Hitler's personal request, the tartan features a subtle swastika motif at the 'cross-over of the tartan pattern.


    Examples are rare because items of the SS Pipe Band kit were popular souvenirs with Allied soldiers.
  2. It's a 0/10 for me.
  3. I must look at a calender to check what the date is.
  4. Definitely McWaah.
  5. And here's a member of the Gälisch Freikorps, manned by discontented oatmeal savages.

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  6. April Noddy!
  7. Actually, this is no more fictitious than the vast majority of Scottish clan tartans. They were purely a Victorian confection. By the way, porridge wogs, the plaid is highland dress and has **** all to do with Scottish lowlanders who wore breeks (troosers). At one tiime (pre 1746) highlanders wore the belted plaid (feileadh mor). The small kilt as we now know it, was invented by an Englishman for the purposes of foundry work.
    So now strut about at weddings with your bollocks heedrum-hodrum.
  8. Are you sure it wasn't found in the Glasgow suburb, The Goebbels?
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  9. And while I'm pissed, the vast majority of pipe music is shite. Why? Because the military fucked it up and have continued to **** it up. Pipe bands were unheard of until the military got hold of it. Pipes were either piob bheag (dance music) or piob mhor (the great music - piobaireachd) and solo.

    If you go to a piping competition now, you'll get pipers who play by numbers (two, three) because that's how it is. No expression or interpretation required. Go by the book. Even the civvy competitors are expected to salute the judges at the start and the end of the tunes. What utter bollocks.
  10. Ah, the "Foot Highs".

  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Stop your whinging man, and go here Welcome to Jane Espie Official Website - The Phantom Piper - About Janes a lovely lass, donated some of her Cd's to Hols4Heros auction on here, and gives time and money to St Dunstans.
  12. Ha isnt arrse random at times, I know jane well. I went out with her for a while in high school. Lovely lass. I wish i could stay in contact with her more.
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  13. A quick google of 'ss pipe band' comes up with three hits... all on forums with the exact same posts.

    Just saying like.

    And the German chappies kilt isn't the same tartan as the pipe bands.
  14. Nice...Liebstandarte Tartan, we already have orders from Bavaria, which will be obeyed.
  15. Lets see the pics then