Nazi Squaddies, and other such idiots

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fugly, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Has everyone seen this clown? (yes, I know it's in the Scum)

    What the hell is going on? With muppets like this, and the war-dodging wanker Glenton - who shouldn't be drawing pay and should be out on his arse regardless of any other prosecution for his cowardice - why do we put up with these turds?

    Currently we are being repeatedly told that because manning levels have increased so much, that if you sign off it's now impossible to reverse that decision. Yet a decent soldier going through a rough time is then shown the door, whilst fuckwits like Glenton and the twat in the article jog on as normal.

  2. What was this soldier playing at when had he had this photo taken of himself using that offensive salute.
    To think he is working with soldiers who are from all different walks of life and having these out spoken oppinion's sends shivers down your spine .
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    100 views, and the first reply is from Chubb. Fantastic.

    Throw yourself off a bridge you skip licker.
  4. Just another cowardly cnut working his ticket to civvidom
  5. He's 19 years old. He's a fcuking muppet who knows no better yet. I'm sure the errors of his ways will be pointed out but a camera phone photo when he's p1ssed doing a nazi salute doesn't make him the new poster boy for the BNP. Not like any other p1ssed squaddie has done it is it?
  6. Why is he doing that salute? does he think he is prince Harry?
  7. I agree with you there but if you look at some of the groups he belongs to on Facebook he isn't exactly a nice guy. If he wants to join the BNP then that's his affair, I can see why it would appeal to his racist nature and he doesn't appear to have broken any rules by appearing in uniform but now what happens when he gets back to base, what do all the other soldiers think? It's not going to do a lot for harmony within his regiment is it?

    Harry Roberts killed 3 policemen in cold blood, he was lucky not to hang. Life should mean life for him and he should never get out.
  8. Give Harry a break what he did was wrong ,But since he have joined the British Armed Forces (A.A.C.) he seen the error of his ways and he as been a real credit to this country and worked real hard to become a first class officer and Pilot
  9. Hopefully there's a few Fijians/Ghanians/etc who would like to have a chat about his 'views' behind the back of the tank shed.

    But I suspect, as per normal, the rest of the regiment have been informed he's off-limits for a bit of 'Re-education'
  10. What has he done to deserve being discharged? The Nazi salute? I did that as a young fool in Germany. Invading a football pitch? I did that as a young fool. Being a member of the BNP? It is a political party. Throw him out for that and you should also throw out all members of political parties. Being a racist? I could agree with that providing all racists got thrown out. That would be one hell of a can of worms though.

    The guy is a F-Kin idiot but I think a bit of education would be preferential to discharge.
  11. Give him credit, he has a really good straight arm position. 8/10 for discipline.

    classic/Chubb. You're awesome. Please keep posting on this site.
  12. Yes, but he seems to be about to keel over to the (his) left!

    The worst bit I can see, is his statement that he wants to kill Leeds fans - they'd eat him alive :twisted:

    As for Chubb......
  13. For food or for pleasure?
  14. If the ARRSE poll is anything to go by then 6% of the army votes for the BNP, so whats the big surprise?

    Harry Roberts of course is an arse and should die in prison.
  15. What a knob I hope his boots are in someones tray as we speak!! :censored: